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The family line we are researching claims that the ancestor whose surname was Staunton, Sarah Jane Staunton McDaniel, was actually a full-blooded Cherokee who had been adopted by the Staunton family. However, to date we have not been able to substantiate that. We have found that on her marriage records her father is listed as Marshall C. Staunton, but her mother's name is not given. It is improbable that she could be the natural child of Marshall and yet he would not know the name of her mother. It seems to imply that Sarah claimed Marshall has her father as the parent she had always known. Since Marshall had four wives, all of whom seem to have pre-deceased him, Sarah may not have felt any connection to one individual as her mother.

You can either read a narrative of the Staunton family as part of the Staunton-McDaniel family story, or you can view a genealogy report of the Staunton descendants from Family Tree Maker. Marshall’s first wife may be listed as Sarah's mother in the report, but we have no record to establish who her mother was. If she was full-blooded Cherokee, she may be what is referred to by some Native American genealogists as a "Lost Bird."

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