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Descendants report of Henry C. Taylor of Augusta County, VA

Taylor-Made in Augusta County -- A Narrative of the Taylor Family

Shaped by August County, Forged by Destiny:
the Story of C. M. ("Ty") Taylor

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Submit your Augusta County, VA roots story to the August County Heritage Book Committee.

Visit the Augusta Archive, about Augusta County, VA and located at the Woodrow Wilson birthplace in Staunton, VA. The Archive is part of the website, The Valley of the Shadow: Living the Civil War in Pennsylvania and Virginia. It examines two counties, Franklin County, PA and Augusta County, VA.

We host the Virginia page for the Genealogy Help List, started and coordinated by Mike Rice.

The Taylor family is a sept of the Cameron Clan of Scotland. The Scots were organized by clans, which had related groups called "septs," and which were comprised of families bearing the clan's name or variations of it. Each clan had its tartan, often several: for dress, hunting, and ordinary living. The Cameron clan is composed of several branches. They have an interesting history. Lord Fairfax, after whom Fairfax County was named, also held the title of Baron Cameron. There are Cameron clan families in Nova Scotia.

This is a tartan of the Cameron family: This is a picture of the Cameron family tartan.

The motto of the Taylor sept is, if I recall correctly, "Loyalty to the Chief."

The Taylor family we are researching lived for many generations in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, also called The Valley of Virginia or The Virginia Valley, in what is now Augusta County, around Waynesboro and Stuart's Draft. Augusta County has put genealogical data on the Web. Now more of Ty Taylor's family can help research the family tree. There is an Augusta County Genweb for sharing information.

Link to report of our Taylor ancestors.
Four Taylor Girls in Laurel Springs, NJ.

Here is a link to Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia, a valuable resource.

Soon I hope to have published some tables of data I culled from LDS microfilms of Augusta County marriage records, but this site may have that information, now or eventually: Historical Atlas of Augusta County, Virginia. Also try Augusta County Resources on Roostweb.

Here are some links to other Taylor family pages:

  • As close to an "Official Taylor Home Page" as you can get--Nicole Pinson's Home Page. This page especially has a lot about Virginia Taylors. A lot of Taylors in other states started out in Virginia.
  • Bryan Taylor not only has a terrific Taylor Home Page, and hosts the Taylor List e-mail network as well
  • Marian Cornish Rawson's Taylor's Page ("Marian's/Taylors Page") mentions an Isaac Taylor in Virginia around 1745. My research of Augusta County records found reference to Isaac Taylor in the militia rolls. When I get a chance, I'll put the actual reference here. I would like to explore a possible link between this Isaac Taylor and our Henry C. Taylor, born in Augusta County in 1803.
  • Sandy Onbey has some Taylor relations on her Home Page.
  • Paul Frazier is researching Taylor and other families at his home page , starting with AMANDRUS TAYLOR, born 1797.
  • Christine Jones is tracing her Pleasants-Taylor line in Virginia. Check out her Rooted and Grounded Home Page.
  • Norris Taylor's Genealogy web pages trace the Thomas Taylor family, originating from Beaver Co, PA in the late 1700's, early 1800's. He has a GedPage data base there; family history essays at Heritage | Family Histories.
  • Sharon's Home Page is lovely in design and her genealogy link has a full report of her Taylors.

Links to the best list of genealogy-helpful links I've seen so far:

Cyndi's Home Page
Compuserve's Roots Forum (where I got my start with online genealogy and some great responses specifically related to our families).

Dick Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter. I've forwarded information about this newsletter to many people. This is an easy way to access it

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