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Emory Bradley Memorial Bookstore

An inventory of my library - SF

Mundane fiction in the basement

An inventory of my library - Non-fiction

An inventory of photo books

An inventory of illustrated books

An inventory of silly books

An inventory of occult books

An inventory of autobiographies

An inventory of music books

A collection LP albums back to 1960


An inventory of poetry books

An inventory of books about words

Surplus Mimeo Equipment for Sale or Trade

Mystery Gizmos

DeKalb County Justice

The Banker and the Sheep

Fanzine Index

Southern Fandom Press Alliance (SFPA) Index

Beroaldus Cosmopolita Typewriter Collection

The Hannes Bok Illustration Index, as HTMLed by Arthur Lortie

Mae Strelkov's novel, At the Lip of the Void

A quilt made by my sister

A couple of moldering tomes

A few poems I wrote long ago

A rant about "Total Quality Management"

"Links" (Some interesting or useful sites)

"Just my Fair and Balanced opinion" (What other opinion could I have?)

   The above issues number 1 through 27 of It Goes On The Shelf converted to HTML and published on the website 7'98-12'05 - as of August 29 1999 they actually reside on the website. Much thanks to Bill Bridget and Jeff Copeland for help with reducing memory required for the artwork! It Goes On The Shelf published and uploaded in January 2000.

As of July 2004, the It Goes On The Shelf 1-10 have been re-coded by Phillip Ellis down in the Antipodes, and looks much better! See his website at:


or, in a better mood

I also collect typewriters:

Typewriter collection - partially annotated

Perhaps eventually I will put up some pictures, but for now here is a link to the Virtual Typewriter Museum:

Virtual Typewriter Museum

And a link to an excellent magazine for typewriter collectors:


And here is a link to the Serial Number Data Base:

Typewriter Serial Numbers

An interesting site by a fellow typewriter nut - this is true!

This Is True

Eventually more issues of It Goes On The Shelf should appear here. For now I will add the list of Purple Mouth Press books available for purchase. Please note the terms: The prices given include domestic postage (1st class or book-rate, whichever is cheaper) or, outside the US, "International 1st Class" (about $10 for up to 12 oz - the Guinevere and Lancelot is about 7 oz before wrapping) or "International Priority Mail" about $13 for whatever can be gotten into the Flat Rate mailer. If your needs do not fit these options, get back to me. Orders for 5 or more items (mixed as you like) get a 40 percent discount. Payment must be by check or money order made to Cuyler W. Brooks Jr. and should be sent with the order to 4817 Dean Lane, Lilburn GA 30047-4720 - or payment may be sent by PayPal to the e-mail address linked at the bottom of this page. If you need to call, the number is 770-982-5062, but there is no answering machine.

Purple Mouth Press books for sale (if not o/p):

The Spagyric Quest of Beroaldus Cosmopolita by Arthur Machen, illustrated by Mae Strelkov, 22pp, wraps, 1976. Now out of print.

Bogey Beasts by Sidney Sime, illustrated by the author, with music by Josef Holbrooke, 64pp, wraps, 1975, $10.

Guinevere and Lancelot by Arthur Machen, ed. by Michael Shoemaker and Cuyler W Brooks Jr., illustrated by Stephen Fabian, 50pp, wraps, 1986, $10.

The Night Land, a condensation of the William Hope Hodgson text by Dave Hall, illustrated by Dave Hall, 64pp, wraps, 1995.
Out of print, but the maps can be seen at:
Night Land

Quest for the Green Hills of Earth, ed. by Ned Brooks, (includes the Weird Tales text of the C. L. Moore story Quest of the Starstone), illustrated by Alan Hunter, music by George Heap et al, 28pp, wraps, 1995, $10.

An Island in the Moon by William Blake, ed. and illustrated by Gavin O'Keefe, 28pp, wraps, 1998, $6.

Kirk's Works ed. by George Beahm, copiously illustrated by Tim Kirk, photos, 122pp, wraps, Heresy Press 1980, $10 (an index to the published art of Tim Kirk - all on coated paper and weighs about 1.5 lbs or 24 oz).

A sort of picture of most of the Purple Mouth Press and Heresy Press books:

photo of books

The Bok Index still resides in the computer and is occasionally updated, so whatever I send you would be incomplete - but if you want one, it's $6.

Oops! And:
cover of Blake book

I also "published" buttons - back in the 1960s when the first wave of Tolkien fandom was going strong I went to New York for the Worldcon (NyCon III, 1967) and acquired buttons designed by John Closson. I wore thess to several conventions, and then, on the trip to the 1975 AussieCon, lost one of them. This inspired me to try to recreate it as an item for sale, and Ruth Berman loaned me hers to work from. In the process of trying to find John Closson to ask permission and/or share the profit (if any) from this enterprise, I was told that he had drawn his own copy of the Necronomicon and died in a mental institution - I have no idea whether either was true, but I never found him to ask. So here are the Tolkien buttons:

Tolkien buttons

I will not sell these, but on the other hand have little need for more than one of each. So if you want one, find me a weird book to discuss in IGOTS and I will trade one for it. But contact me first - I don't need more duplicates! The first button is Closson's design and like the second (drawn for me by Nancy Lebovitz) says "Frodo Lives" in Elvish characters, while the remaining three all say "Go Go/Gandalf" in the center in Angerthas runes and carry Gandalf's fire-lighting spell in Elvish around the edge. Only the first three are available - the fourth is a Closson original and the fifth is an trial sample that was not produced.

People sometimes ask what I look like. I don't much like any photos of myself, but this one by Gary Meek - taken (but not published) for an article on my typewriter collection in an alumni magazine - is not too bad.

My own self, Cuyler Brooks, April 2006

And now for something completely different....

Ever so often I find that one of my favorite old LPs has been re-issued as a CD. This has finally occurred with the 1970s Going To Damascus by Carl Oglesby.

liner photo

The spectacular cover art by Dave Sheridan is reused on the new CD (I got one from in March 2003) from Universe/Comet Records.
Comet Records
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