Epistemology Papers

My dissertation.
A direct realist account of perceptual awareness.

Probability & Coherence
Refutation of BonJour's argument for coherentism. Appeared in Southern Journal of Philosophy, Winter 1997.

Confirmation Theory
Discussion of the problem of induction, some failed solutions to it, and my favored approach: inference to the best explanation.

The Problem of Defeasible Justification
Sets forth a general skeptical argument concerning defeasible justification. Generalizes on problem of induction and Cartesian/brain-in-the-vat skepticism. Close attention to general logical/epistemological principles the problem depends on.

The Problem of Memory Knowledge
Why are we justified in believing what we seem to remember? I refute three natural theories of this and then present my own solution.

Sense Data
My entry from the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

Explanation & Inductive Logic
Explains how the notion of explanatory priority helps us to properly interpret the Principle of Indifference, leading to a defense of induction.

Skepticism and the Veil of Perception
Information about and excerpts from my book.

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