Ethics and Metaethics Papers

Ethical Intuitionism, chapter 5
This is the chapter on moral knowledge from my book. Discusses what intuition is, why intuitive beliefs are justified, how they can be reliable, and what is wrong with the most common objections to the use of intuition.

The Subjectivist's Dilemma
Discussion of moral realism (objectivism) and its alternatives. The problems with all three alternative views are reviewed. Published in Objectivity 2(4), 1996.

Reason, Objectivity, and Goodness
General defense of ethical intuitionism. Graduate student paper from 1994.

Moral Objectivism
More thorough discussion of arguments for and against objectivism, the definition of "objectivism", and how subjectivism undermines morality. Undergraduate paper from about 1992.

Reflections on Prichard
Discusses H.A. Prichard's thesis that moral philosophy rests on the mistake of seeking proofs for common sense principles of obligation. Discusses several philosophers who committed the mistake. Graduate student paper from 1995.

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