Philosophical Papers        

Probability & Coherence
Confirmation Theory
The Problem of Defeasible Justification
The Problem of Memory Knowledge
Sense Data
Skepticism & the Veil of Perception

Ethics & meta-ethics:
The Subjectivist's Dilemma
Reason, Objectivity, and Goodness
Reflections on Prichard
Moral Objectivism
Ethical Intuitionism

Metaphysics & philosophy of mind:
A Proof of Free Will
The Primacy of Existence
The Objectivist Theory of Free Will
Modal Claims & Possible Worlds
What Is the Mind/Body Problem?
Philosophical Complaint against Emergence
An Argument against Nominalism

History of philosophy:
The Cartesian Circle Persists
On Objective Being in the Intellect
Aristotle and Incontinence
An Examination of Aristotle's Ethics
Problems from Kant
A Critique of the Kantian Ethics

Political Irrationality
America's Unjust Drug War
Statistics on the Costs of Government
Against Equality
The Theory of Economic Value
Is There a Right to Own a Gun?
The Need for Social Coercion
Bowling for Columbine

Quantum Mechanics for Philosophers
Why I Am Not an Objectivist
Critique of "The Objectivist Ethics"
Why Relativity and QM Are False
The Mysteries of Existence
Student Evaluations
Guide to Writing

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