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An HTML Include Processor

HIP is a command line program which processes include directives embedded in HTML documents.

What's New

Highlights of improvements in HIP 1.06 include:


The following archives pertaining to HIP are available:
hip.lha      23K  Executable and doc for Amiga
hip.zip      50K  EXE and doc for MSDOS/WINDOWS
hipexmpl.zip 31K  Examples for any platform
hipsrc.zip   33K  Full Source for any platform

Full documentation for HIP is also available online.

System Requirements

HIP has been compiled to work with the most basic (even primitive) system for each machine/os group. It also has been used on very high end machines in each class. If you have a supported system, it should work.

This document was last updated on August 29, 1997

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