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A truetype outline font library for Amiga computers.


ttf.library is a truetype compatible font engine for Amiga OS. It functions in a manner compatible with the outline font engine standard established by Commodore with the bullet.library engine for compugraphic format fonts. Any Amiga application which uses normal system fonts can now use truetype format fonts.


Credits and Notes

The ttf.library and related programs were made possible by the outstanding achievement known as the FreeType Project. For more information, visit

Bugs, warnings

This is a pre-relase, not a final product.

Portions of this software are new, and have had minimal testing. The performance of this software has been heavily monitored on the development machine with enforcer, mungwall, poolwatch and other tools, however, it is still unproven. Please use caution, and use at your own risk.

Several feature of the bullet library standard have not yet been implemented (such as emboldening) as they are not required for proper font operation in many circumstances. Programs expecting to use these, or undocumented features of the bullet.library may not work as expected with ttf.library.


ttf.library V0.8.5 archives each approximately 258K.
On the second day after the release of V0.8.3, my ISP informed me that I had already used over 80% of my allowed transfer bandwidth for the month, and my site will be turned off for the remainder of the month if it excedes the quota. In the interest of preserving this site's availability, the archive links below are pointing to the main Aminet site. You can find ttf.library in the util/libs section of any mirror.

Note: ttf.library archives are now PGP signed

A MorphOS PPC port by Frank Mariak and Nicholai Benalal is available at


Bug reports and other comments can be sent to Richard - (

Alternatively, a mailing list dedicated to the support of ttf.library is available through Yahoo Groups. Announcements of new releases will be made through the list, and it is a fine place to discuss problems, tips and possible enhancements. List members also get first access to releases as well as test releases. To join the list, enter your e-mail address and click on the Yahoo Groups icon below.

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Some Font Resources

If you need some new fonts, or just want to explore the world of truetype, you might check out some of these sites.

Need code page definitions?

Need more help? Check out Matthew Sealey's Web Fonts tutorial. It is specifically aimed at installing fonts for use with Vaporware's Voyager, but the installation tutorials apply to any situation.

Change History

Changes in v0.8.5

Changes in v0.8.3b

Changes in v0.8.3

Older History

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