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Better than decent weather—after all those weeks of misery, heaven has descended on the Boston area in the form of summer-like heat, broken by the occasional cloudburst. Lilacs are putting out huge clouds of scent everywhere. It's wonderful. Still busy with projects, but slightly better planned than last week, thank goodness. Nothing much seems to be happening in any avenue of life right now.

Including the site, unfortunately. I'm still trying to decide what information to include about the Earthdawn characters—the actual character sheets are almost as much of a bear as Pendragon's, and besides, the stats won't mean anything unless you read all the rules mods. I'll think of something. Good news for Variants fans, I'm told that the Host campaign will restart soon. Remains to be seen how much information will flow in this direction, since I'm not in the game, but at least we'll get to find out what happened next.

Anyway, this week consists mainly of tiny bug fixes. I also added two more recipes, Chicken Fricassee with Orzo and Golden Butter Cream Cake. and a page of wedding information that doesn't have much right now but will have more once we get some details worked out, so I can stop cluttering up this page with it.

See also Recent Updates.

I think I'm finally getting sick of the Internet. It took longer than I thought it would.

I'm sick of the way it's permeated everything else in life. Radio ads for Web sites. Billboards for Web sites. Ads in the train station proudly announcing how one Internet company that I have no interest in has bought, been bought by, or merged with another company, or perhaps just changed its name.

I'm sick of MP3 in general and Napster in particular, and irritated by the flurry of Custer-like stands that can't possibly succeed in the long run against a rapidly and constantly evolving technology.

I'm sick of seeing ads for online games I haven't time or interest to bother with, and Webcasts of things I can't imagine anyone bothering with.

I'm sick of having a new technology to learn, or at least learn about, every five minutes. Sick of hearing about the teetering stock market every three hours, of wondering if (when?) the bubble will burst and what will happen if it does.

Maybe I'm just sick, period. I have to go to work tomorrow and work on the site for our new Web application, after all, and I don't really mind the thought of doing so.

Okay, maybe I'm not sick of the 'net. I'm just sick of everyone talking about it all the time. Just live with it, people. Deal, do your jobs, chill a little bit, try not to get so excited about a bunch of electrons zipping around. If I ruled the world, the word "ecommerce" would be stricken from the language. It's business, guys, just like it was before. No need to go around all orgasmic about it.

Of course, if I ruled the world Eminem would have been drawn and quartered by now, but that's a rant for another day.

Why do these descriptions always end up sounding like personal ads? I'm mid-twenties. Gemini. Have lived in Boston for nearly five years, originally from Erie, PA (don't go there). Work as a technical writer and freelance Web type. Think computers are pretty neat. Am owned by two long-haired cats (Amber—she likes to sit on my lap while I work and hinder my typing—and Cicero—he talks a lot) and a fiancé. Refuse to abide by my market segment.

Most of my hobbies are readily deduced from the content of this Web site, but others include yoga, not having time to clean my apartment, and making fun of everything on TV.

For pictures of some of the above, check out The Gallery. The page may take a while to load, these are not-particularly-optimized JPEGs. I should add "lazy" to the self-description.

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