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5/11/2000: No update last week, I was swamped with a sudden influx of freelance projects with tight deadlines. This week we have two new recipes, Chicken Fricassee with Orzo and Golden Butter Cream Cake. We have a new page just for my babbling about the wedding. We have a handful of fixed typos.

4/26/2000: I think I'm coming down with something. Anyway, I added another couple episodes to the What If? game, updated the links list, and added a few more old rants to the archive.

4/20/2000: Removed "Lucky Limited Series" from site per author request.

4/19/2000: Third chapter of Earthdawn went up this week. Invitations were ordered and rings arrived at the jeweler; not much else got done.

4/12/2000: Two new recipes this week: Chicken with Forty Cloves of Garlic and Steak au Poivre. Busy transcribing the Earthdawn session from this past weekend.

4/5/2000: Small update this week, just the second chapter of the Earthdawn stuff. Daylight Savings Time has me all out of whack. And I didn't even notice, but two weeks ago was the anniversary of Asymmetry 2.0, the current version. I can barely remember what the old one looked like. What a weird way to track one's life—looking at the updates to this site. But, if it works....

3/29/2000: A few more character sheets for the Marvel game, the first segment of the Earthdawn chronicle, and a review for Knight of the Demon Queen.

3/22/2000: Put up the Section Eight artwork at long last. More Marvel stuff; Conundrums, Contingencies, and Crises and Southern Hospitality joined our chronicle, along with character sheets for Emerald, Aegis, Union, Ravdna, and Duststorm.

3/15/2000: Updated my résumé and added a recipe for Sauteed Chicken Breasts with Fennel and Rosemary. Had a couple problems with the Mac since we installed AppleWorks, but still reboot it less often than my NT machine at work. This makes me happy. Probably extensions or something; not urgent.

3/8/2000: Updated the Marvel What If? PbEM game record with "Separate Scenes" and "Unpleasant Messengers." Still happy with my new computer.

3/1/2000: Back on line after a month of trucking my Mac back and forth from CompUSA, only to be told that they can't find anything wrong with it. The computer version of Gulf War Syndrome? So I bought a new one. New this week, a recipe for Game Hens in White Wine with Herbs, V&V background information for the Coven and the Daemonwar, and a revised page for the Ground Zero Rogues Gallery. Also, added a photo to the Who Are We? section, and made some minor updates to the Links page Role-Playing section.

1/26/2000: Finished the Earthdawn rules and put up the world background (History, Geography, and Welcome to Crapaud!). The first game went very well.

1/19/2000: Added the weapons and equipment lists to the Earthdawn rules, and the recipe for Chock-Full Chicken Noodle Soup. Now Brian says he has all kind of edits to the stuff I've already done... *sigh* At least we get to game this weekend.

1/12/2000: Put up the Skills section for the new Earthdawn rules. Added the Email button on the main page. Fixed a broken link on the main Role-Playing page.

1/5/2000: First update of the century! We've lost a member of the gaming group. I've started putting up Brian's rules mods for Earthdawn; this week, the first chapter, on character creation, goes up. Some of you may have noticed a problem with the URL late last week; this originated with my ISP and has been fixed, I believe.

12/29/1999: Last update of the century! Archived the first eight worthwhile (IMO) rants on the Writing page, and added a recipe for Cookie Kisses.

12/22/1999: Fixed a font/link problem on the Revolution quote page. Added the tentative new arc titles to the story index. Created a new page to be home to the Pendragon campaign. Added pull quotes to most of the Background pages for the V&V world. Tidied up the V in the V&V section header. Fixed the title of Lucky's Interim story. Nothing big. Got 5 more MB for the site to grow into.

12/15/1999: Two new recipes: Noodles Chicken Divan and Mom's Fast Chili. The most recent segment of the Marvel game went online, Disorder in the Court. Due to space considerations at my site host, I removed one of the Gallery photos.

12/8/1999: Part 3 of the Marvel PBeM, Over the Rainbow. At Heather's request, I restored the original title of Lucky's story for the Odd & Quiet Interim, Jungle Fever. Stress? Don't know the meaning of the word. No, really. One week to go....

12/1/1999: The second two parts of Lucky's series, plus a review of Winterlands. Stressing out has begun in earnest.

11/24/1999: The first three parts (of five) for Lucky's limited series went online. Starting to stress out a bit on this whole defending-my-final-project thing.

11/17/1999: Got the second segment of the Marvel PbEM, Interludes & Assemblies, online.

11/10/1999: 'Nother busy week. More school stuff to do, alas, but the end is in sight! Two new recipes this week, Mushroom Persillade and Ginger Chicken Saute. Yum.

11/3/1999: More gaming. New Background pages for The Mariner Corporation and Ground Zero's Rogues Gallery. Also deleted link to The Twilight, since it seems to be gone, possibly as a result of Jay's recent computer woes.

10/27/1999: Lots of new Revolution stuff this week. The Conversation in the Kitchen and two Odd & Quiet Interim segments; Needle's Compass Rose and Phoenix Talon's And Knowing Is Half the Battle. Whew.

10/20/1999: New page for the What If? Marvel game, and a new origin story for The Shrouded Hope. Also, fixed links on the Credits page and updated the Planet Moore FAQ, although it's not part of the site.

10/13/1999: A recipe for Lemon Poppy Seed Cookies and a new Background page for The Penumbra in the role-playing section.

10/6/1999: Week from hell at work. The final Pendragon installment: The Adventure of the Realm of the Supernals joins the archive.

9/29/1999: More Pendragon! The Adventure of the Realm of Creation II joins our merry chronicle.

9/22/1999: Two new recipes this week, Country White Bread and Honey-Mustard Baked Chicken. Not enough time for much other stuff, I'm afraid.

9/15/1999: Busy week. New Pendragon stuff, The Adventure of the Realm of Foundation II and the Adventure of the Realm of Creation I. Also, Scott's Interim story, The Rainforest Terror Affair. Added a page for a photo gallery, too.

9/8/1999: Lucky's Interim story, Valerie & Vacation has moved to this site from Heather's.

9/1/1999: Replacement monitor has arrived, nasty letter to Techfusion has been sent. Added a new recipe, for Fish with Roasted Corn and Peppers.

8/18/1999: Having given up on waiting for these guys to fix my monitor so I can do this right (they say the part they need is back-ordered), I start making small pages in my off time at work. Added a book review for Why Things Bite Back.

7/11/1999: My monitor goes dark. A moment later, it turns itself off and refuses to consider the idea of lighting up again. A few days later, I take it in to the nearest Apple-certified repair shop, where I am told it will probably take a couple weeks.

7/7/1999: The rest of the Ground Zero character sheets are up, and I added a page to the Revolution campaign chronicle linking to Lucky's adventures on vacation.

6/30/1999: Character sheets for Black Dragon, Black Flag, and Impulse of Ground Zero.

6/23/1999: New this week: a review of Glen Cook's Faded Steel Heat, the reformat of Family Reunion is done, and the Pendragon chronicle Adventure of the Realms of Foundation has been posted. New V&V Background pages for The Pack and MEDUSA. And a recipe for Chicken a la King.

6/17/1999: Fixed mailto link on main page. Sorry about that!

6/16/1999: All of Flashpoint is up. One segment left to go!

6/9/1999: Added recipe for Ziti with Broccoli and White Beans. Yum. School all done for the summer!

6/2/1999: Restored the second half of Vulcan & Mars and all of Patchwork in the Revolution chronicle. So there.

5/26/1999: New: The Adventure of Dun Aengus for the Pendragon campaign, and the reformatted editions of Talus and Bacchanalia.

5/19/1999: New Background page for the Revolution in the V&V section. Nothing else new, been very busy.

5/12/1999: V&V rules mods finally finished. Reformatted and posted Wolves in the Shadows arc. Fixed some broken links in the Background pages.

5/5/1999: Added the Adventure of Uthold to Pendragon chronicle (first adventure) and the combat mods for V&V.

4/28/1999: Added the latest set of Pendragon adventures and fixed some screwed up link colors.

4/21/1999: Added a couple more pages of the Variants House Rules for V& V.

4/14/1999: Added review for A Game of Thrones. Life calmer, but not so much so that I had time to work on the site.

4/7/1999: Added recipe for Hoisin Beef With Shiitake Mushroom Sauce. Life still hectic.

3/29/1999: Added recipe for Thai Chicken. Tasty. School starts, life gets hectic again.

3/23/1999: No more frames! No more huge graphics! The site gets a new name, some new content, and a whole new look! It's only the second major redesign in the site's eight-month history, so I think that's doing pretty well. The previous "What's New" page, which only listed updates to the gaming stuff, is appended below.

Plus, update dates are now Y2K-compliant!

2/14/1999 - Gaming withdrawal getting the better of me (2 1/2 months!), I've joined David Utter's Four Winds PbEM (off-site link). I think we're off to a smashing start.

2/7/1999 - Finally found a free moment to put up "A Conversation in the Kitchen," an email exchange Heather and I had after the game had formally ended. There are a few more dribs and drabs waiting to go online as well, I'll get to them as soon as I can.... I also added a brief note on team members' costumes to the Characters page.

1/31/1999 - Congratulations to Brian and Rachel on their wedding! (Yesterday--this should suffice to explain why there have been no major updates to this site for the past month.)

I've also re-posted Needle's background story with some revisions and renovations. Thus begins the long project of bringing the Web version of the story into line with the "canonical" version I've been working on ever since we ended the game arc. I'll post a notice as the revised "chapters" go online.

1/4/1999 - Added Black Dragon's page to Background.

12/20/1998 - Villains. Lots of 'em. TECH. Death. Recon. The kind of people who keep heroes up nights, worrying.

12/17/1998 - Still more Ground Zero, sort of—detail page for Black Dragon and his personal Rogues Gallery is now linked from their page, and his nemesis Flight of 1000 Cranes has joined the main Rogues Gallery on the main Background page. I'm trying to keep things together in a way that makes sense and can only hope I'm succeeding—it's all these darn crossover characters....

12/13/1998 - More Ground Zero—detail pages on Wildcard and Split Second—and the Detroit Warriors' Rogues' Gallery. I also took down the link to the Astro City page, since it seems to have moved on/died.

12/8/1998 - New information on Orion and Future Boy for the Ground Zero page, and Brian is promising more... stay tuned!

12/4/1998 - Updated Credits page to add links to the Exordium file stuff.

11/17/1998 - OK, I've been horrible, it's been forever. Have I mentioned that grad school is hell? I thought so. New stuff, whoo-hoo! Rearranged the Background page a bit and added info on two Canadian teams.

10/20/1998 - Added link to Jay's site on the Host campaign to Game Links. Also put up Brian's commentary on the Revolution Cast Pool Tournament off the Characters page, just for the heck of it. Needle'd better start practicing, apparently.

10/17/1998 - Minor housekeeping and fixing errors made in my last, sleep-deprived update. I found the Circle of Heroes again, so they're up on the links page, and I added a small page regarding Dove's death.

10/13/1998 - Sorry for the meager updates lately. Grad school is Hell. Quote list from Family Reunion is up. Also, this site is now listed on The Great RPG Archive (DreamScape). I also put a link in to Heather's site on Lucky.

10/3/1998 - Family Reunion goes online. For those who noticed that I was entirely unavailable for a day earlier this week, I'm told Sprynet's server had a mishap.

9/20/1998 - More character sheet fixes. Sorry, all.

9/18/1998 - Added an introduction to The Story So Far.

9/15/1998 - Elsewhere on the site, the Writing and Personal pages finally have something on them. Wow!

9/11/1998 - The last sessions of this campaign (for the time being) are now slated to take place Sept. 25 and 26. These changes have been made to the site:

  • My belated apologies to those of you with standard-size monitors. You should be able to read the character sheets now. I am entirely too spoiled.
  • Finally - Flashpoint IV: Firestorm is up.

9/2/1998 - Flashpoint III: Outlaws in the Ashes went up on The Story So Far, quotes from that session are on the quote page as well.

8/31/1998 - Added a small page for the World Crime League, just to get their motto on the 'net.

8/29/1998 - If you've been here before, you may notice the look has changed... slightly. What can I say, I get bored easily. Can't have that. Like or hate the new look? Gimme a sign!. Further changes today:

  • Took out the link to the Circle of Heroes, as they seem to have moved and left no forwarding address. I will put them back on when I find them. Added a bunch o' stuff to the links list.
  • Also updated, the page on the Telarez has finally been finished, and the Credits have been changed to reflect the additional information.
  • A new section on "The Soviet Menace" has been added to the Background page, in keeping with the paranoid tenor of the Eighties and previous decades.
  • Pages have been added on Colt and The Shrouded Hope from The Black Watch.

Finally, Flashpoint III and IV are in rewrite, and I hope to have them up in a week or so. Family Reunion is currently scheduled to take place later this month.

8/8/1998 - Flashpoint I and II took place last weekend, and we're still reeling. If you check the Cast page you'll see that Promethean's information has changed slightly... see The Story So Far for the entire sordid tale. I've also (finally) updated Lucky's character sheet to show the changes made through her familiar bond to Chandler--whoah! And last but not least, there's now a quote list from the last few games.

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