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Training (Battle) [Agility]

Battle Training originated in the times between the fall of the Djann and the rise of the Republic, when the Middle Lords ruled their monarchies, using force of arms and military might to maintain their position. Since the average person wasn't allowed access to weapons, they had to learn to fight in secret, using whatever came to hand as a weapon—their own bodies if need be. When the Raelites rose to destroy the Middle Lords, those who had received Battle Training were the vanguard of the conflict, a position they hold to this day.

Battle Training is much like training in the martial arts (as opposed to Melee Weapons, which is training in a warrior's or soldier's tactics). If you have this skill, you can use it to replace both Melee Weapons and Unarmed Combat skills when making attack tests. Battle Training also bring with it a certain mindset and calm demeanor when done properly (as opposed to the 'kewl, I can kick his head in!' attitude some practice; such people are roundly shunned by their peers).

Acrobatic Strike
This lets you make impossibly graceful spinning moves in combat. Use Acrobatic Strike for your attack test, and when you use it, increase your Physical Defense by your rank in Acrobatic Strike until your next action. This must be your only attack in the turn, and can't be combined with Air Dance.

Air Dance
With the Air Dance sub-skill, you can move with incredible grace and speed across the battlefield. Use your Air Dance step rather than your Agility step for your base initiative (air dancers are still weighed down by armor). If your initiative is more than twice your opponent's because of this sub-skill, you may make a second attack against them at the end of the round.

Anticipate Blow
This lets you better defend against an incoming attack, and take advantage of the hole in your opponent's defenses that such an attack will provide. You need to have a higher initiative than your opponent to use Anticipate Blow. Make an Anticipate Blow test against your would-be attackers Magic Defense. If successful, you have seen his attack coming and countered it before he even starts; add your Anticipate Blow rank to your Physical Defense against the attack and your attack test against that opponent.

Rather than striking your opponent to damage him, you can try and remove their weapon. Make a Disarm test rather than an attack test. If successful, roll your damage to see how far away the weapon flies, in feet. If you are doing this bare handed, an Excellent or better success means you can end up with the weapon if you so choose.

Second Attack
You may make a second attack with your primary weapon during the combat round. Use your Second Attack step for the attack test, and do damage as normal. (This can also be done unarmed.)

Instant Stand
Whenever you have been knocked down, for any reason, you can make an Instant Stand test. The difficulty is your current armor rating, and if successful, you immediately regain your feet, with no time lost or defensive hindrances.

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