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Faith - Raelism [Spirit]

Faith is a defining aspect of the Republic; the political structure is based on the writings of a prophet over a millennia ago, and every man woman and child in the republic is schooled in it from an early age. That being said, some take that socio-religious teaching to heart and some don't. Your default in this skill indicates how much you absorbed of the teachings, but without actually putting ranks into this you haven't started living the philosophy. (If you have this skill in the Midland Kingdoms it is considered treasonous, as the Reaelite faith is outlawed there. Tread with care.)

Having Faith in Raelism is having faith in the universe. You have come to the understanding that you cannot understand, but that the universe is still inherently ordered and guided. This is a source of great comfort, and can see you though the darkest of times. Those with Faith in Raelism at high levels can perform feats that seem supernatural, even though there is no magic involved. Unlike other Faiths, there is no visible, incarnate 'god' to keep an eye on the worshipers and grant them magical powers. There is merely the individual and his place in the universe.

Faith (Raelism) serves two functions; it can be checked for basic law and political questions within the Republic, and it can be used as an indicator of the character's spiritual willpower when required. The stronger one's Faith in Raelism, the greater their resistance to the temptations of the physical world and the dangers of the spiritual one. Note that this does not provide any connection with the Church Hierarchy: for that you need Wisdom (Church).

Abate Curse
With a round of concentration you can temporarily nullify any curse on an object, making it safe for you to touch. The difficulty is the object's spell defense, and the abatement lasts for a number of hours equal to the test result or until you leave the object's immediate presence (3 yards).

Aura of Calm
This sub-skill lets a Raelite use his own personal composure to reduce the tension of situations. This can include talking but need not; the mere presence of serenity is often sufficient to defuse tensions. Make an Aura of Calm check against your target's social defenses (take the highest Social Defense and add one per extra person to get the target number). Success makes the targets hesitate to enter combat, and adds your Rank in Aura of Calm to all checks against the target's social defense to reduce tension and calm the situation. This CAN be used to stop an existing combat or on wild animals, but it requires a Great success to do so.

This sub-skill lets you know the emotional state of another character. The target of the Empathy check is the subject's Social Defense, and the degree of success show how much information you glean. This can work on crowds with a target of the average Social Defense in the crowd, but this will only tell you the crowd's emotional state, not the emotions of any specific member.

Ignore Pain
This sub-skill lets you ignore the pain of your wounds, but not the other effects of damage. Each rank of Ignore Pain lets you ignore one wound's effects for a number of hours equal to the result of an Ignore Pain test. If the character is wounded again, simply tack the new wound onto the timing for the first one. If the character has more ranks in Ignore Pain than he has wounds, he can make a test against the wounds he currently has, with a difficulty of 6 per wound. If successful, add the outcome to the amount of time he can continue to ignore the wounds effects. This does not prevent Unconsciousness or Death from accumulated damage.

Sense of Self
Add your rank in Sense of Self to your Social Defense and your Magical defense against anything that effects your emotions or mind; your personal faith makes you difficult to sway or control. If you spend one round touching someone you can make a Sense of Self check to overcome the effects of any Skill, Sub-skill or magical spell that might be influencing them. The target number for this is the original attack roll of the effect.

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