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Training (Fencing) [Agility]

With Fencing Training, you are a master of the light, supple weapons that are designed to strike quickly and pierce your opponent, rather than the crude hacking and slashing practiced by Melee Weapons. When using such weapons, you can use your Fencing Training skill rather than your Melee Weapon skill for attacks.

Anticipate Blow
This lets you better defend against an incoming attack, and take advantage of the hole in your opponent's defenses that such an attack will provide. You need to have a higher initiative than your opponent to use Anticipate Blow. Make an Anticipate Blow test against your would-be attacker's Magic Defense. If successful, you have seen his attack coming and countered it before he even starts; add your Anticipate Blow rank to your Physical Defense against the attack and your attack test against that opponent.

Rather than striking your opponent to damage him, you can try and remove their weapon. Mane a Disarm test rather than an attack test. If successful, roll your damage to see how far away the weapon flies, in feet

You may sacrifice your attacks to avoid getting hit. Make a maneuver test at the start of the turn rather than any attack tests, and use the outcome as your Physical Defense for the turn (even if worse than your normal Physical Defense). If you avoid all attacks against you during the turn, you have succeeded in setting yourself up for a shot on one of your opponents, and can add your Maneuver step to your attack and damage steps for your first attack next turn.

It's this ability more than any other that makes it suck to fight a fencer. Whenever you are hit by an attack, you can opt to make a Riposte check against your opponent's attack test outcome. If successful, you have beat the attack aside, and countered with a Riposte. If your result was also higher than the target's physical defense, your Riposte attack hits them for normal damage. This doesn't take any of your attacks, but thankfully can only be used once a round. The drawback to this trick is that it causes you 2 damage each time you use it.

Second Attack
You may make a second attack with your primary weapon during the combat round. Use your Second Attack step for the attack test, and do damage as normal.

Second Weapon
You have been trained to carry a second weapon in your off hand. Use this sub-skill rather than Melee Weapons when making attacks with the second weapon, which must be smaller than your primary weapon and does normal damage. If you don't have a weapon in your off hand, you may use this to punch your opponent, supplanting your Unarmed Combat skill with Second Weapon for the attack, but taking doing so causes you 1 point of damage.

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