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Gaming [Mind]

This is your skill with games of strategy and chance on a general level. It measures your ability to weigh odds, know rules, plan ahead and make or see through bluffs. These are mostly only good in a Game/Betting setting, though a kind and compassionate GM might let you use them elsewhere. If you find such a GM, let me know. You can use your gaming skill to cheat at these games, but anyone else with gaming can try and catch you, and anyone with the sub-skill of the game in question will spot it automatically.

Specific Game (_____)
Sub-skills for Gaming include the various games of chance and skill available as distractions in the Aquilar Republic. There are, of course, Chess and Go variants, as well as dozens of dice, card and coin games. I'm not going to come up with them now, but if you have something in mind, make it up and it'll be out there for future use. With the sub-skill, you are good enough to try professional cheating and spot professional cheats. You are good enough to reliably beat anyone who just has the Gaming skill, and know the strategies, tactics and tricks involved in the game.

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