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Guild Secrets - Entertainers [Charisma]

Members of the Entertainers Guild are called Bards, and they are the elite amongst those who tell stories, sing, dance, act and entertain. People with high performance skills can be actors, minstrels and troubadours, but an attempt to call themselves Bards will meet with derision from the populace and retribution from the Entertainer's Guild.

A high Performance skill is integral to a Bard, but the Entertainer's Secrets skill doesn't cover that; Bards are members of a vast, loosely knit coalition that spreads across the Republic and beyond. There are hundreds of troupes, each tasked with finding likely candidates and teaching them the skills and disciplines of the Guild. Some troupes travel, some are set in place, some keep close eye on their members, other let them wander to gather information. Each troupe is led by a Thespian, and there are occasional conclaves of Thespians for the purposes of disseminating information amongst the guild and determining guild direction.

Your Entertainer's Secrets score is used as a measure of the amount of lore and rumor you have at your fingertips, as well as a measure of your ranking in the guild. You can request Entertainer's Secrets tests to see if you know any stories about a person, location or item that might have filtered through to you through the stories of the guild. This skill also lets you read the symbols of the Entertainer's Guild and speak its secret language and codes (used for passing along hidden messages in ordinary conversation). As a member of the guild you might be called on to provide aid or specific services for other Bards, but you can trust in the same sort of favors from them in times of trouble.

This is the ability to make yourself look exactly like another person. It requires make up and costumes to use, but once started is very impressive. Make a Disguise test against the Social Defense of anyone who has reason to doubt that you are who you say you are; success means they buy the disguise (in groups, add +1 per each extra person viewing you). The disguise lasts for Rank hours before it needs to be reapplied.

Emotion Song
You have been taught the careful harmonics and cadences that alter a person's emotions. This takes a half hour of singing, and requires a test against the highest social defense in the group. The degree of success determines how much of the audience is affected. You can shift the audience's emotions in one desired direction, and any social interaction with them concerning that emotion gains +1 one step for rank days. Multiple uses lead to manipulation of more of the audience, not more bonuses.

When speaking to someone outside of a fight, you can try and hypnotize them, making them more susceptible to suggestion. The difficulty is the opponent's Spell defense, and you require at least a good success. If successful, you have Rank minutes to give the target suggestions that he will follow during the next Rank hours, as long as they aren't gross ethical violations

Empathic Connection [Spirit]
By making an Empathic Connection test against someone's social defense, you can gain a sense of their location and state of mind for the next Rank months. This is actual magic, and gives you a wound when you make it (though this will heal). You can maintain empathic connections with up you Rank people, and outside of Rank miles the sense of location is limited to direction. Making use of the connection requires another test against the target's Social Defense. The connection lasts a year and a day, or until you drop it.

Spoken Memory
With this sub-skill you can specifically memorize the body of any speech you have heard. Make a test when you overhear the conversation, with difficulty based on length, number of participants and language. If successful, you have it committed to flawless memory (with accents and cadences) for Rank months, and can retain the main of it for Rank years.

Voice Mimicry
Make a test to perfectly duplicate any voice you have heard in the last Rank days. You must have heard the voice in extensive context to carry off conversation, but brief exposure will give you basis for short commands. You can commit a number of voices equal to your rank in long-term memory, keeping them for as long as you need them. If you are using the mimicked voice on someone who knows the original, you have to beat their Perception step to fool them.

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