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Guild Secrets - Thieves [Agility]

Thieves guilds exist across the whole of Hava, and their actions are hotly combated by the stalwart defenders of laws, justice and decency. Excepting, of course, those who have been bribed, threatened or extorted, or who have a concept of the word 'futility'. It would be foolish to think that there was one over-arching thieves guild throughout Hava; in fact, each large community will have several, some dealing with begging, others with prostitution, others with gambling, or guilds working for control of districts of the city. Your ranking in Thieves Secrets indicates your position within one of these groups, and your reputation amongst the others in this shadow profession. The higher your ranking, the greater your power and authority, and the less likely other guilds will see you as a nuisance, and instead more of an opponent.

You can also use your Thieves Secrets skill to identify easy marks (be they houses or people), read and speak the secret signs and language of thieves, identify other shadowy professionals, make connections with guilds for jobs, fence stolen goods, and know stories of great thieves and robberies in the area, or places of great wealth and opportunity that thieves would love to hit, but just haven't gotten to yet.

Conceal Weapon
You have learned how to carry weapons without having that be obvious. When you want to conceal a weapon on your person, roll your Conceal Weapon step; the result becomes the difficulty for anyone to find the hidden weapon. Obviously, this is limited to fairly small weapons; nothing longer than a long knife or short sword, please.

You've learned to dress yourself quickly to appear to be the member of a particular class or society, from a wealthy citizen to the lowest of beggars. This does not let you disguise yourself as a particular person, only as a type of person. Changing costumes takes one round, and you have to have the costume at hand. More than just the clothes, you can mimic the walk and speech of a member of that class. Make Costume checks against the social defense of anyone who has reason to doubt you, success means that they are taken in. Costume lasts a number of hours equal to your rank.

Pick Pockets
With this sub-skill you're adept at removing small items from your target's person. This is usually their purse or wallet, but not always. To use, make a Picking Pockets test against your opponents Social Defense. An average success means you got the item, but they get a Mind check against your test outcome to notice it immediately. At a good or better success you got away clean. Failure means you didn't get it, and they have the same chance as an Average to notice your attempt. A poor result means you're caught in the act.

Pick Locks
With proper tools you can open complicated locks, and are even adept at deciphering magical 'combination' locks that require moving stones into proper positions. Make a Pick Locks test against a GM-determined difficulty number, or against the magical lock's Spell Defense. Success means you opened it. Any attempt to pick a trapped lock will set the trap off unless you have already disarmed it. You can make a number of tries equal to your Pick Locks Rank, and each attempt takes 30 seconds (3 rounds).

Find/Remove Traps
This sub-skill lets you locate and hopefully eliminate protections on locks, doors and other places. Make a test against the locks concealment rating (that right, another GM-controlled number) to find either magical or mechanical protections. A great or better result lets you know for certain that there isn't a trap, rather than the ambiguous 'you don't find anything'. Once found, it takes another test to disarm mechanical traps. If it's a magical trap, you're screwed; this skill can't help you any further, so just hand it over to the wizard and hope for the best. A failure to disarm the trap won't set it off, but a poor result will. You can make a number of attempts on a trap equal to your Rank in this sub-skill.

Fast Hands
The Fast Hand Skill lets you move items from one place to another or to switch items between other people another without being observed. All target items and characters must be within 2 yards of you. The target items can't be more than 6 inches on a side. The difficulty is the highest Social Defense among the people +1 for each object swapped. The degrees of success are the same as those for the Pick Pocket sub-skill.

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