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Healing [Mind]

This skill indicates your ability to provide basic first aid and your general knowledge of herbalism. In practice it allows you to add your Healing rank to the amount of damage they recover that day. This takes 10 minutes or so to perform. You can also try and identify common ailments and cures, with a difficulty based on how common the problem is; there's nothing to say your remedy will really work, but it will be the most commonly accepted cure for the malady.

Characters with healing can make a decent job of tending wounds, be they minor or serious. Tending a minor wound has a difficulty of 5, while a major wound has a difficulty of 10. Each day of such tending counts as two days for healing the wound.

This is Hava's strange combination of bone-setting and massage, used for realigning the bones inside the body. It is required to set complicated breaks (which the GM will only give out in really weird circumstances), and refocus the body's natural energies. If done properly over several hours, Osteopathy will remove stress and tension, focus the mind, and most importantly, gives the patient another recovery period that day. This requires an Osteopathy Check vs. the target's Body score to align the bones properly.

This sub skill lets you perform complex surgical procedures; performing these automatically does enough damage to your patient to give them a wound (and may kill them), but gives you a chance to make a Surgery roll against the greater problem. Surgery in Hava is at a high enough level to amputate limbs, or remove foreign objects from the torso, but that's the extent of it (no heart surgery, for example)

This sub-skill lets you look over your patient and figure out what's wrong with them; the difficulty is based on the commonality of the disease, but unlike the basic healing ability, you can use this to identify darn near any problem, from diseases to poisons to curses.

Treat Poison
This lets you reverse the progress of a poison. Each poison has its own difficulty number, but if successful you can stop the poison from doing any further damage. A great or better success gives your patient an extra immediate recovery period to throw off the damage done by the poison to date.

This sub-skill lets you properly prepare people for burial in the faiths of the Raelites and the Summer Gods. One of the great advantages of this skill is that bodies that have been so treated cannot arise as the disquiet dead under the control of Nether forces. Note: this may prove useful. The Funerary skill takes one hour, minus the outcome of the skill check in minutes, for those occasions when time is of the essence.

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