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Horsemanship [Agility]

This is your skill with riding horses (be they ponies or Clydesdales, makes no nevermind). Unless you have ranks in this skill you can't fight from horseback, and regardless your combat skills (including Magic Lore) are capped in rank at your Horsemanship rank when fighting mounted. This is also your ability to perform basic riding tricks like spurring the mount, making jumps and the like. It is also used in place of your Body score for resisting knockdown while mounted.

On a mundane level this also allows the character to gauge the quality of a horse with a few moments of looking, but does not cover training them; you need Lore (Beasts) for that.

Charge [Body]
This sub-skill lets you use your mount's strength and speed along with your strength when making melee weapons attacks from horseback. Use your Charge step rather than your Body step when calculating damage when you have had a turn to ride to the target and gain momentum. You can substitute your mount's Body step for your own if you want.

Trick Riding
This lets you avoid attacks while on horseback. Any time you're hit by an opponent, once a turn, you can try and dodge the blow at the last second. Make a Trick Riding test against your attacker's roll to hit you. If you beat his roll to hit, you slipped out of the way at the last second and took no damage. Fail, and you were hit still hit.

Wheeling Attack
This skill lets you hit someone from horseback and then run away very quickly. Use Wheeling Attack instead of the regular combat skill for the attack, then move your full move (not combat move) away.

Wheeling Defense
This lets you wheel the horse in confusing patterns, increasing your and your mount's Physical Defense by your rank in Wheeling Defense for a number of turns equal to the outcome of the roll. This takes an action to start, and can only be done once a fight.

Mount Attack
You are able to spur your mount to attack while you're riding it, making you doubly dangerous. The mount gets one attack a round, using your Mount Attack for its to hit roll and its strength for the damage roll. If the Mount is trained enough to already get an attack, Mount Attack adds one more, letting the mount attack twice in the round; both use Mount Attack to determine accuracy.

Fearsome Charge [Charisma]
This lets you make a terrifying charge at your opponent, screaming, waving your weapon and bearing down on them on your mount. Make a Fearsome Charge test and compare it to the Social Defense of everyone witnessing the charge (with usual group-target rules). An average success freezes the opponent with fear, a good success causes them to run in panic. Add one step to your Fearsome Charge step for each other rider involved in the charge (use only the highest Fearsome Charge in the group for the base skill). Affected opponents can overcome their fear with Spirit checks against the Fearsome charge step number.

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