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Effects of Injury

Recovering from Damage
Whenever you have damage points recorded on your sheet, your character is not at peak condition; she's battered, bruised, and tired. You are able to heal twice your Endurance score in damage points per day, and can either do this all at once with a good night's rest, or get back half of them with a an hour of relative rest and recovery time after your last fight, and the other half with four hours of sleep (these two are referred to as recovery periods). The amount stays the same, but adventurers often find it convenient to get those points back quickly after a fight.

The above assumes that you are not getting outside assistance. If someone is tending you with the Healing skill, then the amount you heal with that recovery is increased by their Healing rank. If someone is using some form of magic to aid your healing, it might give you an extra recovery period, letting you heal your Endurance in damage points a third time that day (this can only be done once a day) or it may add to your next recovery period, as the healing skill does.

Unconscious Characters
An unconscious character may take a Recovery Period 1 minute after he falls unconscious. That counts as the character's active recovery period for the day. If the character's recovery isn't enough to bring them back to consciousness, they will recover consciousness (and heal enough damage to reduce their damage total to 1 point below their unconsciousness threshold) in an hour.

Reviving Unconscious Characters
If another character attempts to revive an unconscious character, the unconscious character can take a Recovery Period (assuming they haven't used their active one already today) then, even if a minute hasn't passed since he fell unconscious. Spells may be used to wake unconscious characters as well; any spells that give an additional healing period automatically restore characters (wounded or unwounded) to at least 1 point below their unconsciousness rating.

As I've stated before, damage points don't do anything to really slow you down; they are minor cuts and bruises, fatigue and aches, but nothing that will prevent you from operating normally. I'd appreciate a role playing of how you're all hurt and banged up and stuff, but from a game mechanics standpoint, it just doesn't matter.

Once you get a wound, everything changes. Wounds are serious injuries—not as bad as a broken bone, perhaps, but they are major gashes, strained or pulled muscles—that keep you from operating at your peak potential. For every wound you have marked down, you have a 1 step on everything you try to do. This affects your attacks, your damage, even your base endurance for figuring out how much you heal (reducing your healing rate per Recovery Session to your Endurance step minus your current number of wounds).

You get wounds whenever you take more damage from a single attack than twice your endurance step. This is your wound threshold, and there is only one means of raising it: if you have the durability skill, your Wound Threshold is equal to your step in Durability or twice your Endurance step, whichever is greater. (Thus, if you ever get your Durability step to more than twice your Endurance, start using that as your wound threshold).

If you take more damage in a single shot than twice your wound threshold (4 times your endurance), you have a major wound (a seriously broken bone, internal injury, or what have you). A major wound gives you 5 steps on all actions. A Poor result on any action results in step 3 damage being done to you, since you can't move without making it worse.

Healing Wounds
Wounds are a royal pain to heal. First, you have to heal all your damage points; if you have any damage points listed, you can't heal a wound. Second, you have to spend two full days recovering (this can be reduced to one if you have someone with the Healing skill tending you).

Major wounds are even worse. Like wounds, you need to have healed all other damage. After that, you can heal the major wound with a week of inactivity and rest. Unfortunately, having taken such a wound reduces the step of one of your attributes by one point permanently. This penalty can be avoided if someone with the Surgery sub-skill operates on you during the recovery period. This is painful and expensive, but worth the cost.

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