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Lore - Elementalism

This sub-skill covers your knowledge of and understanding of Elementalism. This is the most common of the noticeable 'magics' in Hava, and deserves some special explanation. During the reign of the Djann, the race that held sway over the known world for ages beyond question, all the other races were the Djann's servants, and the Elemental deities were the Djann's masters. Those deities granted magics beyond counting to their faithful subjects, which were in turn passed down as needed to the Djann's slaves.

When the elemental gods vanished and the Djann empire crumbled (including the disappearance of the continent that was the center of their empire in the ocean to the southwest), knowledge of this magic remained within the servants, and was disseminated amongst those who needed it. No one can answer why, if the Elemental gods no longer pay heed to the world, these magics still work; perhaps the elemental gods are not as absent as they appear; perhaps the magic is based on the ancient principles of the universe, and never needed deities granting them. Regardless of the reasoning. they are still present throughout the lands the Djann once controlled, including Hava.

The practice of Elementalism is not seen as a means of worship but as a science, akin to engineering in the modern milieu. Many people know bits of Elementalism, and there are dozens of sub-skill 'cantrips' available for those who want to take the time to learn them. I have detailed only one such Sub-skill for each element here, but am open to ideas.

In addition to any cantrips you may know, your Elemental Lore rank is your knowledge of elemental spirits, which are present and sometimes quite powerful and intelligent. They have alien ways, and communicating with them has a difficulty of their Social Defense. Those who also have Magic Training can cast spells of great versatility and power.

Cold Purify
This stops the effects of poison and neutralizes any poison than hasn't yet been consumed. It requires the presence of snow or ice to function, and takes one round. Make a Cold Purify test against the poison's step number; success neutralizes the poison. If the result was greater than the damage the poison has already done, the target heals the difference between the Cold Purify roll and the damage done.

Direction Zephyr
You can use this skill to locate another person or object, so long as you have something associated with the target (clothing, an old scabbard, a piece of the building, etc.). Make a test against the target's Spell Defense; success means that a gentle breeze begins blowing in the direction of the target, and continues to do so for a number of hours equal to the rank. The target must be within a number of miles equal to the roll for Direction Zephyr.

Elemental Hold
You can use this to hold any Elemental within 40 yards, preventing them from moving or taking hostile action. Make a test against the Spell Defense of the elemental. If successful, you have held the elemental for a number of turns equal to your rank and can force it to move slowly within the area of the Cantrip. After than you can try again, but the elemental is likely to get one round of action.

This sub-skill lets you light simple objects within your hand with but a word. This is used to light the first brand of a fire, or to set torches. It is designed to light things ready to be lit, not moving flesh or well-tended clothes. Nonetheless, Tinder can be used in combat, but requires that you already have hold of your target; in such cases it has a difficulty of the target's spell defense and does step 5 damage. Otherwise the difficulty is set by the GM.

Wood Ward
When you use the Wood Ward sub-skill, you protect yourself from any weapons or objects made from wood. The result of the wood ward test is the number of turns it lasts, and the Rank +3 is added to your Physical Defense for all wooden weapons—staves, cudgels, and most especially arrows. In fact anything with a sizable amount of wood in its construction will veer away from the character, including the hafts of battle axes. This causes 3 damage to you when cast.

Unshakable Earth [Body]
Use your unshakable Earth step rather than your Knockdown step to resist knockdown. You are literally bound to the earth on every step, and nearly impossible to knock over.

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