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Lore - Wizardry [Mind]

Wizardry is the study of magic, the universe and the patterns and basic order that bind us together. Of the Lores, this is the one that is least seldom taken unless you intend to also have Magic Training. Wizards are those who learn the right mental techniques to make use of the Names, 144 commands that can be used to control and change the very nature of reality. Unlike other Lores, Wizardry does not require the permission of more powerful creatures; the Wizard commands of the universe, he does not ask of it. The Raelite faith's opinions on this are mixed, and many Wizards keep a public religious presence as faithful Raelites to avoid suspicion.

No Wizard knows all of the Names, and while Wizards will group together to teach, practice and discuss theory, they closely guard their Names and pass them down from teacher to student. These are very potent things, though somewhat specific, and shouldn't be taken lightly. Names can be combined for multiple or merged effects, but that is seldom necessary.

Wizardry still has uses when not combined with Magic Training; those with training as a Wizard can feel the presence of magic when they concentrate, and can perhaps even see the hanging enchantments and bindings. Whenever you wish to, you may make a Wizardry test, compared against the Magic Defenses of all enchantments in the area. Wizardry Lore is also good for identifying the trappings of Wizardry, and identifying the spells being used against you, and perhaps how to counter them.

Abate Curse
With a round of concentration you can temporarily nullify any curse on an object, making it safe for you to touch. The difficulty is the object's Spell Defense, and the abatement lasts for a number of hours equal to the test result or until you leave the objects immediate presence (3 yards).

Secret Name
Everything has a true name, the thing that defines it and makes it what it is, and that, more than anything else, makes it vulnerable to Wizardry. A sorcerer knows this vulnerability and with this sub-skill has re-named himself with a secret name. For each rank of the sub-skill, add one to your Magical Defense against all attacks; magic simply does not affect you well. Of course, if someone knows your secret name, this protection is null and void where they're concerned. The ritual requires that the name be written down and hidden, so you can't just re-name yourself and then forget it.

Book Memory
The learning of Wizardry requires an understanding of patterns and the ability to segment information. This makes it very easy to memorize information, even whole books. Make a test against the magic defense of the book (only grimoires have magic defenses, the rest are automatic) to memorize Rank pages per minute for a year and a day.

Sorcerers are experts at seeing patterns where they exist and making instant calculations. Whenever you are confronted with such a task, you may make a Patternweave test against the difficulty of the puzzle. Success means that you perform the calculation instantly or can see the pieces of the puzzle and its resolution, which you can now carry out as fast as your hands allow.

Evidence Analysis
This lets a sorcerer study the physical evidence of an event and determine how it took place. It provides no help with the who or the why, but the sequence of events will fall into place in your mind as you look over the scene. The difficulty is the Magic Defense of the person responsible for the events (which need not be a crime, but any sequence of events).

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