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Presence [Charisma]

This is the character's personal aura, magnetism and skill with non-verbal communication. Whenever you want to do something without using words, be it a seductive glance or an intimidating presence, use this skill rather than Charm.

Battle Shout
This skill lets you give a bloodcurdling scream that turns your opponent's knees to water. Make a check against your opponent's Social Defense (use the highest and add +1 per extra person if a group). If you succeed, all of their steps are reduced by your rank in battle shout for the next round. If you have allies also using battle shout, use the highest rank you have, with a +1 step for each extra person.

Heartening Laugh
This lets you use your Presence to aid your allies on the battlefield. Make a heartening laugh test against the highest Social Defense of your opponents; if successful, everyone on your side gains a bonus equal to your Heartening Laugh step on their Social Defense or Spell Defense to resist fear generated by those enemies. This lasts for Rank rounds.

First Impression
Whenever you first meet someone, you can make a First Impression test to improve yourself in their eyes. Make the test against their social defense, and if successful, add your rank in First Impression to all interaction tests for a number of days equal to the amount you made the roll by. Obviously, you can only do this once per person.

Steely Stare
How to shut up annoying Charm characters, rule 1—use this sub-skill. You hit them with an intimidating glare that makes them incapable of social interaction tests for a number of rounds equal to your rank. The target is their Social Defense.

Resist Coercion
Whenever someone hits you with a social interaction effect, you can make a Resist coercion test to try and avoid the effects. This has a target equal to their interaction test's outcome. If successful you shrug off their attempt to manipulate you.

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