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Passions are things that drive your character to act the way he or she does. Perhaps you're embittered and seeking justice; perhaps you're adventuring for the republic, for your family, or for a lover. You don't have to start with any passions, or ever take one in play, but you have the option to do so. Passions are usually a love of a person, family or god, hatred of ones enemies, personal honor, loyalty to an institution or individual, and other similar major emotional situations

Whenever you encounter a situation where your passion might be called into question (if you have a passion that is love for a your spouse, then it will definitely come into question of she is threatened, or if someone is attempting to seduce you), then make a passion check: if your outcome is 10 or higher, then your passion has overtaken you, and you must act in accordance with it. This has its benefits; specifically, you can spend Karma on ANYTHING, and if you spend Karma on Talents, then you gain the benefits of the Karma without spending the Karma point, because your Passion has inspired you.

It has its drawbacks as well. You MUST act in accordance with the passion, even if it isn't really that clever, or would force the character to take action that you would rather they didn't. Failure to act in accordance with the passion will just lead to the GM taking control of the character: his passion has overwhelmed his common sense, and if you refuse to role play that then the GM must do it for you. In addition, if you receive a Poor result on the passion test, you undergo a crisis of faith, and CAN'T spend Karma on anything until the situation has passed or the GM is nice enough to say that you have overcome the crisis through your actions.

If you decide to start with a passion, you may select one with a starting rank of 7. Passions purchased in play have a starting rank of 7 minus the number of other passions you have. In either case passions can be raised with Glory. Remember that the higher the passion, the more likely you are to be inspired, but the more it can control your character's actions.

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