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Glory is a measure of your character's fame, success, confidence, importance, influence and status. It measures how much you have accomplished and how well renowned you are for it. More than simply experience points, Glory is also a measure of your status in society; the higher your glory, the more well known you are. Glory measures how well you are doing in a game sense, because the more you accomplish, the more Glory you will gain and the more potent you will become.

Whenever you perform notable deeds, be they winning the heart of your latest paramour, giving a performance that raises the audience explosively to its feet in praise, or driving away the monsters that threaten a town, you earn Glory. Glory gained as a group is shared amongst the group, and glory gained alone is solely yours. This is not an excuse to go off on your own to try and get more personal glory, because a group of adventurers will surely perform more noteworthy deeds than a lone individual with limited skills and no assistance.

Glory is not like experience points (there is no chart saying that with 10,000 Glory you're automatically a citizen); it is a measure of your experience, and therefore what you 'spend' in order to improve yourself. Glory gained is not "lost" per se, and you should keep a constant record of it on your sheet. It's best when you've listed what you gained the glory for, so that your glory sheet is a record of your adventures and noteworthy accomplishments. While it is not lost, it can be 'spent;' one spends Glory to improve attributes, skills, and passions. Therefore you should keep a record of the amount of Glory spent, which can never be more than the amount of Glory earned. Your Glory total does not change, and is still used to measure your fame and status.

Spending Glory
You spend glory to get better at things; this is an abstract of course, where glory indicates your experience and therefore your potential for improvement. The costs for raising your passions, attributes, skills and talents are as follows.

First Point of Attribute increase: 1,000 Glory.

Second point of Attribute increase: 2,000 Glory

(Note: raising three different attributes by one point each would cost 3000 glory. Raising one attribute by 2 points would cost 3000 glory total: 1000 for the first point, and 2000 for the second. You can't raise any one attribute by more than 2 points.)

Purchasing a new Skill or Sub-skill: 300 Glory

Purchasing a new Sub-Talent: 200 Glory

Raising a Skill or Sub-Skill: 100 Glory * the RANK you wish to attain (raising from rank 2 to 3 costs 300)

Raising a Talent or Sub-Talent: 50 Glory * the RANK you wish to attain (raising from rank 2 to 3 costs 150)

Purchasing a new Passion: 350 Glory

Raising a Passion: 50 Glory* the RANK you wish to attain.

(Note: you can only raise a Skill, Sub-skill, Talent, Sub-Talent or Passion one rank at a time. Raising a Talent from a 2 to a 4 would cost 350 Glory: 150 for moving from rank 2 to 3, then 200 more glory for moving from rank 3 to 4.)

Other Glory Benefits
For every 1000 points of Glory to have, you may add one point to any one of your defenses (Physical, Magical or Social).

For every 2500 points of glory add one step to all interaction tests due to your increased confidence and experience.

For every 100 points of Glory you earn you also receive a Karma Point. This is the only way to get more Karma once game starts, so go out there and get some glory.

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