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Wisdom (Rural) [Mind]

You are well acquainted with the social structures and politics of rural society. You know how farmers and small merchants operate, how to act in a rural tavern or inn, common folkdances and songs, or what have you. Whenever you encounter such situations, you can use this skill to pick up on interpersonal relations and local politics and gossip. It's also basic understanding of rural activity; you know how to tend animals, perform basic farm chores and other skills valued in a rural society. The Rural population is the largest segment of the Republic, and despite jokes about their backwards manners, they are often perceptive and wise people, in tune with their environment and quite canny.

Rural Profession (____)
This sub-skill indicates your training and knowledge of a specific rural occupation, such as farming, animal raising, peddling, rural innkeeping, and other jobs routinely found in the provinces of the Republic.

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