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Sailing [Mind]

Sailing is your ability to handle waterborne craft, from rafts and canoes to trireme and other sailing vessels. Each ship requires a certain number of people to properly function in any circumstances. A successful check lets you function as such a person, with each degree of success above average letting you fill more than one role (good = 2, excellent = 3, extraordinary = 4).

This skill covers the ability to set course and navigate by stars and charts, as well as innate understanding of the ocean. Difficulty based on the circumstances and information you have available when plotting course. This is also used to perform fancy maneuvering while at sea, with a difficulty based on what you're trying to do.

Rigging Dance [Agility]
This skill lets you jump easily among the ropes and rigging of a large ship. Difficulty is based on what you want to do. In a fight, a successful Rigging Dance check lets you ignore penalties for balance and setting, and add your Rigging Dance to your Physical Defense by using the ship's environment to your advantage.

This is the river equivalent of Navigation, and indicates an ability to know the river and its dangers. The difficulty is based on the circumstances, and Helmsman checks may be required for fancy maneuvering on the river.

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