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Stealth [Agility]

This skill covers your ability to move without being heard and hide without being spotted. Your basic Stealth skill is fine as long as no one is really stringently looking for you. Your difficulty is their Perception step. The basic stealth ability won't work under intense scrutiny or in harsh conditions; for that you need sub-skills.

For most people, basic Stealth is more than enough. For those with felonious intent, the sub-skill become a requirement.

Move Silently
This is your ability to move without making any noise at all. Make a test, and record the outcome. That is the difficulty of any perception test made to hear you, if anyone is even thinking to listen. It is impossible to fail a Move Silently test, but a poor result makes it very likely someone will hear you unless the guard is truly lax.

Hide in Shadows
Much as with Move Silently, this is your ability to avoid detection if someone is thinking to look for hidden people. The outcome of your Hide in Shadows is the difficulty of their Perception tests to find you. It is impossible to fail this, but a poor result means you are much more likely to be discovered.

Surprise Strike
This is the ability to get right up behind someone and attack them without their even being aware of the attack. You must have already put yourself in a position to make the attack (probably through use of other stealth skills, but deception and treachery work as well). Make a Surprise Strike test instead of a normal attack test for the weapon, and if it hits, add +7 steps to the damage. Karma is applied to the attack test, not the damage test. It can be used with Ranged weapons, but the target has a +3 on his Physical Defense against such Surprise Strikes.

Hear Noise [Mind]
Use your Hear Noise step rather than your regular Perception test for any hearing tests. The effect lasts for Rank rounds or until you speak or someone near you makes a lot of noise.

Lip Reading [Mind]
Make a test against someone's Social Defense to be able to make out what he's saying without actually being able to hear him. You must be able to see your target's lips and speak the language. This lasts for Rank rounds, and has a maximum range of 50 yards.

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