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Unarmed Combat [Body]

This is your ability to fight in unarmed combat, using your size and mass to batter your opponents into submission. This skill covers the modern equivalents of Boxing and Wrestling.

Second Attack
You may make a second attack with your primary weapon during the combat round, which in this case is your body (you can't use this sub-skill if you are attacking with a weapon). Use the Second attack step rather than your usual attack step, and do standard damage.

Swift Kick
This is the ability to laugh a rapid kick to catch your opponent off guard. You mist have a higher initiative than your target this turn to use this sub-skill. Make the attack test with Swift kick and do normal damage.

This is an attack using your body and momentum to knockdown and grapple an opponent. Make a Tackle test against their Physical defense to get a grapple hold on your opponent (see combat options). Then make a damage test as normal for the effect of your slamming into the target. If the target is knocked down by this damage, you fall with them, but maintain the grapple. This maneuver requires that you make a complete combat move before you hit your opponent.

This is the ability to knock your opponent down and cause damage with the fall. Make a Throw test rather than your usual attack test. If successful, roll damage for the attack and use that as the difficulty number for a knockdown test. If the opponent falls due to the Throw attack, they THEN take the damage rolls for the maneuver, modified for armor. If they don't fall, they take no damage.

Whenever you are being grappled, you may make a Reverse check rather than Unarmed Combat/Body check to break loose. If successful, apply the outcome of your roll to your opponent's physical defense to make an immediate grapple attack in return.

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