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Wisdom (Wilderness) [Mind]

This is knowledge of the wild lands and how to survive in them; your skill in this is your basic ability to survive in forests and jungles, to find food, locate trails and identify threats. It's also knowledge of the code of such Wilderness dwellers, which is simple but easily overstepped by lost farmers or arrogant urbanites. Using this for survival will get you water and plants to eat, but things like meat and fish require the Hunting sub-skill, or tracking larger prey and bringing it down with combat skills.

You are adept at following trails and locating your quarry, whether it be through hard learned skills or animal instincts. This has the Agility step of the quarry as a base difficulty, modified by time and circumstance. You can also use this sub-skill to obscure your own passage; make a test and use the outcome as the difficulty for anyone tracking you to pick up your trail.

Very different from tracking, this is your ability to bag small to medium sized game for day to day survival. The difficulty of these checks is based on the terrain and conditions. An average success gives you enough meat to feed one person for one day. Each level of success past that provides food for an extra person. Each successive use of this skill in an area increased the difficulty on all further checks by one until the area is left un-hunted for 72 hours. When hunting, it's best to keep moving, and not have to provide for too many.

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