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Feel free to borrow... just remember to give credit where due.



1. Games remain the property of their respective authors and publishers. No infringement or insult is intended, and I believe we're well within the limits of fair use where those are concerned.

2. No person depicted in any game chronicle is intended to represent a real individual, living or dead.

3. You are certainly welcome to read and enjoy these pages, print them for your personal use, and link to them from your own Web site, as long as you don't use that stupid trick with the frames. However, please remember:

  • It's not your stuff. Try to publish it under your name in any way, shape, place, or form, or print and redistribute it, and you are breaking the law. That makes you a Villain, now doesn't it?
  • All characters appearing on this Web site are the property of their respective players, whether or not those players are explicitly identified, and the stories as a whole are the joint property of the players and GM. Everything on this site has been posted with the knowledge and permission of the people involved.
  • All background information making up the Variants universe is the intellectual property of Brian Rogers and contributors; see the credits for more specifics.

In sum, we'll all be really happy if you find yourself inspired by the stuff we've put up here; we just want you to be polite about giving credit if you decide to use it. If you have any usage inquiries, or if you think this stuff is great and are in position to give any of us money, send me an email and I will do my utmost to track down the relevant person and put you in contact.

4. Finally, if your name is mentioned somewhere on these pages and you would prefer that it not be, or if you deserve credit for something and have been overlooked, please let me know, and I'll make the appropriate adjustments promptly.

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