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Character Sheet: Dr. Z

Name: Dr. Z, The Indestructible Man, The Smartest Man on Mars
Identity: Zachary Zevon
Player: Brian
Experience: tbd

Affiliation: Liberty League
Campaign Location: New Philadelphia
Sex: Male
Age: 35
Level: 4
Power synopsis: Zevon has a naturally high intellect and strong force of will that has been honed by a dogged study of science throughout his life thus far. It was his attempt to re-create the Philadelphia Experiement that endowed himself, Silver Dragon, and Shatterman with their powers. Dr. Z gained the ability to manipulate fields of force. Through clever applications of his power, however, the general populace believes that Zevon is nigh-indestructible and strong in his own right.  
Weight: 180

Basic Hits: 4    Agility Mod: -

Strength: 12

Agility: 15

Endurance: 13
Charisma: 20

   reactions from Good/Evil: 3

Intelligence: 35

   Detect Hidden/Danger: 19/19

   Inventing Points/%: 14/105%
Accuracy: +2
Damage: +5
Carrying Capacity: 273
Basic HTH: 1d6
HP Mods (1.14)(1.4)(1.84)(1.3) = 3.9351
Healing Rate: 1.2
Hit Points: 16
Power Points: 75
Movement Rates: Running = 40
Powers Description
Heightened Intelligence Amazing natural ability and awe-inspiring scientific skills developed over decades give Zach +17 to his Intelligence score.
Heightened Charisma Zach has noteworthy self-confidence, borne out of being right so often. This is either inspiring or annoying by turns. His Charisma score is increased by 11.

Weakness Detection (modified)

Zach's keen analytical mind allows him to determine an opponents scientific basis for their powers, weaknesses, and combat styles where appropos. This allows Zach +4 to hit said opponent, and a -4 to be hit in return.
Force Fields (modified) Zevon can generate invisible fields of nigh-indestructible force. These attack as Force Field, with a PR of 1 per blast, 0 to catch 1/2 impact damage repelled or all impact damage that penetrates. Zevon's fields can lift things and exert force -- an attack or free-standing field has capacity of CxLvlx5, while a field braces on the ground can support ten times as much. His current field strength is 400lb, with a blast damage of 1d6. This has a range of 26"

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