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Character Sheet: Gaslight
Name: Gaslight
Identity: Mason Roth
Player: Christian
Experience: tbd
Affiliation: Liberty League
Campaign Location: New Philadelphia
Sex: Male
Age: 35
Level: 6
Power synopsis: Mason Roth, unlike many of his companions in the never-ending war on crime, has no super-human powers. Instead he possesses a vast array of martial and forensics skills that he uses to stem the tide of evil. His remarkable skills are a result of decades of training by the costumed heroes of the prior generation. Additionally he wields hi-tech gear including devices that synthesize his parents dark & light powers.
Weight: 190

Basic Hits: 4    Agility Mod: 0

Strength: 13

Agility: 24

Endurance: 14
Charisma: 14

   reactions from Good/Evil: 1

Intelligence: 13

   Detect Hidden/Danger: 17/14

   Inventing Points/%: 6.8/39%
Accuracy: +4
Damage: +3
Carrying Capacity: 342
Basic HTH: 1d6
HP Mods (1.2)(1.54)(1.1)(1.9) = 3.94363
Healing Rate: 1.3
Hit Points: 16
Power Points: 64
Movement Rates: Running = 51
Powers Description
Heightened Agility Mason is a highly trained acrobat and tumbler. Add +11 to Agility (raises score to 24).
Heightened Expertise: Master of All Weapons Mason has extensive training in Moo Gi Gong, Baritsu, Kenjutsu, Hwarang-Do, occidental Boxing, and other armed and unarmed combat styles. He is an expert with most military and civilian small arms. He gains +4 to hit with all weapon and unarmed attacks.
Heightened Expertise: Omni-competence Mason has spent a lifetime training himself to be a professional detective and adventurer, with some of the world's foremost superheroes for his tutors. As a result, he has accrued an extensive array of investigative and esoteric adventurer skills (including but not limited to such skills as lock picking, safecracking, alarm neutralization, basic disguise and escape artist skills, etc).

Whenever Mason attempts to use one of these skills, the rule of logical extension applies: if it's reasonable for Mason to be able to do something, then he does. In tricky or rushed situations, Mason must make a d20 or d100 save against the appropriate attribute (as determined by the GM), but receives a +4 bonus to his roll.

Heightened Senses: Powers of Observation and Enchanced Kinesthetic Awareness Mason is a trained detective, and has honed his powers of observation to a razor's edge. He gains +6 to Detect Hidden rolls, +3 to Detect Danger rolls.

Under Cottonfist's tutelage, Mason has honed his non-visual sensory perception to enhance his ability to fight while "blind." In combat situations where his vision is obscured (such as while blindfolded, in one of his fog banks, or in darkness), Mason makes a Detect Hidden roll before every strike. If successful, the penalty for fighting in darkness is negated. Even if unsuccessful, the penalty is reduced by half.

Willpower: Esoteric Martial Arts Training Mason is an expert in Mien Ch'uan (Cottonfist) Kung Fu. Whenever he sets up an evasion defense, his dodging bonus is increased by his HTH accuracy score (including any bonuses for Heightened Expertise and training). Additionally, if an attacker misses Gaslight due to the adjustment for Evasion, then he has the option to:

A) Immediately counter attack (no action spent) with a disarm or throw (both requiring special attack rolls) if the attack was HTH, or

B) make an HTH special attack against his attacker to 'redirect' the attack to the target of his choice within range if the attack was a ranged attack. Either use requires PR = 5.

Light Control Devices Mason uses several devices (not one) that, in combination, grant him the Light Control power:

A) Laser Baton: Mason wields a hand-held baton approximately 12" in length, capped with a laser focusing lens. He can use it to fire a laser beam, range = 34", damage = 2d8 per shot, limited to 6 uses before it needs recharging. It can also be used as an ordinary, high-powered flashlight, or as a billy club (+2 to hit, HTH + 1d4 damage). As a security precaution, the weapon must be voice activated to be used, and is programmed only to be recognize the voice of Mason or Zachary Zevon.

B) Flash Grenades: Micro-grenades, they release a blinding flash when detonated. All within a 34" radius are affected, under the guidelines in the rulebook. The grenades may be thrown (+2 to hit, range = 24") or launched from Mason's pneumatic pistol (+2 to hit, range = 96"). Mason typically carries 8 grenades on his person.

C) Strobe Gloves: Mason's gloves include micro-static flash cells. With a special attack, he can direct a blinding flash (as per flash grenades) against 1 target only. Range is limited (4"), 4 uses before cells need recharging.

D) Flare Cloak: Mason's costume is laced with fiber-optic micro-filaments. When activated, they emit a modulating glow that is highly distracting, and disruptive to certain attack forms (particularly light-based attacks). Provides Light Control Defense. PR = 1 turn to activate, remains for 4 turns after activated, 4 uses before recharging.

E) Miscellaneous: Mason carries a number of miscellaneous mundane light emitting devices on his person, including micro-flashlights and lamps, ordinary flares, etc.

Note: Mason is not immune to his own flash weapons. He wears special polarized lenses to protect himself from the glare of his devices.

Poison/Venom Devices Mason has developed several gas weapons based upon the chemical emissions of his father.

A) Black Fog: A cloud of mist with all of the essential properties of fog, except that it is night-black in color. Mason uses it for cover (the effects are the equivalent of darkness control).

B) Chemical Fog: As per the Black Fog, except that it is saturated with CS (a concentrated form of tear gas). Victims experience a sensation of burning skin and eyes, severe watering of the eyes, extreme runny nose (like a faucet!), shortness of breath and a tightness in the chest. Victims must make a d100 save vs. endurance each turn of exposure or be -6 to all actions for the duration.

C) Luminescent Fog: As per the Black Fog, except that it is saturated with charged particles that give the cloud an eerie glow. No real effect other than psychological, although it can be used as mundane (though poor) lighting.

D) Sleep Fog: As per the Black Fog, except that it is saturated with a chemical sleep agent. Victims must make a d20 save vs. E for each turn of exposure AFTER THE FOURTH TURN (agent is slow-acting) or fall unconscious. Normal wake-up rules apply thereafter.

E) Anti-Fog: A cloud saturated with chemicals specifically formulated to disperse all of Mason's other fogs (for when he can't wait for wind or time to do the job for him).

Mason has three delivery systems at his disposal:

1) Fog Cloak: Mason's uniform conceals a complex chemical delivery system that emits his fogs from his outstretched coat or cloak. Each fog disperses over an area 24" in radius and remains until dispersed by wind (or other conditions) or for 1 hour after release (in still air). The system can disperse up to 8 fogs, and Mason must specify which mixture of fogs he is carrying at any given time. The gas delivery system uses the same kind of security device as his laser baton.

2) Gas Grenades: Micro-grenades that when detonated release a cloud of fog 12" in radius. The grenades may be thrown (+2 to hit, range = 24") or launched from Mason's pneumatic pistol (+2 to hit, range = 96"). Mason typically carries 8 grenades on his person.

3) Gas Gloves: Mason's gloves can emit a puff of gas that allow Mason to make a special attack against 1 target only. Works only at very close range (1"). 4 uses, and Mason obviously only uses this with his Chemical Fog and a very concentrated version of his Sleep Fog (acts in 1 turn).

Note: Mason is not immune to the effects of the chemicals he uses, and must wear a protective gas mask.

Weakness: Psychosis / Vulnerability Mason is constantly "on stage." The identities that he assumes in any given situation (Mason Roth, playboy millionaire; Mason Roth, devoted son; Mason Roth, dilettante adventurer; Gaslight, wrathful vigilante; etc) are all carefully crafted personas -- none of them are the "real" Mason. Unfortunately, Mason has been in the practice of constantly assuming these various personas for so long that he has virtually no core personality of his own remaining. A side effect of this condition leaves him vulnerable to certain forms of psychic attack. Mind Control and Emotion Control attacks are +2 against Mason, and Mind Control, Emotion Control, and other psychic attacks that specifically attack one's sense of self are +6 to hit. Mason is not yet aware of this vulnerability.

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