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Character Sheet: Martian Mancer
Name: Martian Mancer
Identity: Pavel Konstantin
Player: Jeff
Experience: tbd
Affiliation: Liberty League
Campaign Location: New Philadelphia
Sex: Male
Age: 51
Level: 8
Power synopsis: Pavel Konstantin, uncle to Dr. Z, is a con-man of the highest order. When he first arrived on Mars many decades ago he hooked up with an emerging new age group whom he quickly de-bunked but not after discovering that he alone of all the initiaites was able to actually make their "spells" work. Pavel's heart has weakened as he's aged and as a result he now focuses much of his spell-casting through a specialized PDA.
Weight: 190

Basic Hits: 4    Agility Mod: 0

Strength: 7

Agility: 12

Endurance: 12
Charisma: 11

   reactions from Good/Evil: 5

Intelligence: 15

   Detect Hidden/Danger: 12/12

   Inventing Points/%: 12/45%
Accuracy: +1
Damage: +1
Carrying Capacity: 147
Basic HTH: 1d4
HP Mods (0.8)(1.27)(1.17)(1.14) = 1.3551408
Healing Rate: 1.1
Hit Points: 6
Power Points: 46
Movement Rates: Running = 31    Flying = 370
Powers Description
Willpower: Annoyingly unshakeable sense of self Pavel is Self-confident to an in-your-face degree, which is either inspiring or annoying depending. Adds IQ and CHA for reactions, psionic and magic purposes, and other situations at referees' discretion.
Flight Pavel can fly at 84 MPH (or 370 game inches).
Special Weapon: Spell PDA Pavel has scripted his spells into easily accessible clicks from his specialized PDA. He has automated the spell casting to take much of the physical burden from his ailing self. PDA spells have reduced power costs, effects, and durations but do cast much faster as a result.
Magic Spells (x2) Pavel can manipulate IF energies in very versatile but specific fashions: Spells. All spell costs and effects have 2 listings, conjure cost-effects/PDA cost-effects. CA = casting actions, continuous actions required to cast. Spell effects after last action All durations end on phase 0 of final turn (ie between turns) Note that many effects are stats-based. At level 8, 26=IQ+CHA, 15=IQ In general, Pavel gets credit for IQ+CHA when conjuring, and IQ only for PDA

TELL THE TRUTH magic truth serum, must answer 26/3 Q's Attacks as Mind Control PR=2/1 Rg=26"/touch Cast Actions CA=2/1

FUGGEDABOUDDIT makes victim forget, with subsequent IQx2%/3% save to re-remember per "memory event"/hour Attacks as Mind Control PR=5/1 Rg=26"/touch CA=2/1

NO, OVER HERE Magically appears to be displaced by 5', and invisible in actual location. Just a mirror image of himself, so it could be punching buttons in the air next to a computer, eating with the plate 5' away, etc. Could 'freeze' image, but not other wise control it. Dtct Hidden to find Pavel's real loc. PR=3/1 Duration=26 turn/5turn CA=4/1

LIGHT MY FIRE Pyro-kinesis like effect, immune to evasion. (Not aiming' it) d12 Damage, attacks as flame power. Damage = % to ignite Bypasses evasion defense, and cannot be 'rolled' PR=3/1 Rg=26"/15"

BUBBLE BOYS Magically regenerative atmospheric bubble, for Outside Work PR=5/1 Rg=15" radius/3" radius Duration=26turn/5turn CA=5/1

FEAR MY WRATH Radius Light-attack, light show of impressive Mystical Sturm und Drang, but still just a light attack actual effect, 2d8 Damage. Conjure version has a Carrier 'Ooh he's a big, scary magician' Fear attack. PR=10/4 Radius=26"/15" CA=1/1

DERIVINATION Can program PDA for pseudo-random Tarot like effect. Acts as cosmic awareness. PDA version only. PR=-/4 CA=-/10

WHA'D I MISS? Can Temporarily halt target's timeflow. PDA version limited to one target, Does not affect momentum, incoming attacks, etc. Conjure version has radius affect on all physics (ie bullets freeze in air, etc) Attacks as Telepathy PR=10/2 CA=5/1 Radius/Range=26"/15" Duration=15 turns/2

MAKE MINE TO GO May transfer any of his spells to single substances, including beverages. May specify an activation condition (ie drink potion, open door) Pavel has a 'magic staff' with a significant amount of full-strength spells imbedded, from Pavel's younger days. He normally keeps this in reserve for arageddon style scenarios. Normally, it is kept in a secret hex secured vault in his home. PR=8/1 CA=5/1 expiration indef/15turns

THAT'S NO EXCUSE Animate unconscious/dead bodies. 1 Action to control/turn Animee Ag=6. Duration 10 turns. PDA version loses control when animee would take HP damage. Full access to non-mental powers. Attacks as Transmutation PR=5/1 Rg=touch CA=4/1

BIG RED Growth variation, where actual weight is static, 'effective weight' (for HP/CC purposes) is multiplied by height factor, not HF^3. PR=3/1 Limits=up and down full range/max up 24', down 1" Duration= indef/ change 1 size/turn until hit target for d10, then revert 1 size/turn CA=4/1

subatomic/atomic/microscopic = special

1/4"   HP=2  CC=1/2#   HtH=1pt  Mvt=1/9"  Eff Range to Hit= x288

1"     HP=2  CC=2#     HtH=1pt  Mvt=1/2"  Eff Range to Hit= x72

3"     HP=2  CC=6#     HtH=1pt  Mvt=1.3"  Eff Range to Hit= x24

1'     HP=2  CC=24#    HtH=1pt  Mvt=5"    Eff Range to Hit= x6

3'     HP=3  CC=70#    HtH=d3   Mvt=15"   Eff Range to Hit= x2

NORMAL   HP=6  CC=146#   HtH=d4   Mvt=31"   Eff Range to Hit= x1

9'     HP=9  CC=210#   HtH=d4   Mvt=46"   Eff Range to Hit= /1.5

12'    HP= 12 CC=292#   HtH= d6   Mvt= 62"   Eff Range to Hit= /2

18'    HP=17 CC=438#   HtH=d6   Mvt=93"   Eff Range to Hit= /3

24'    HP=23 CC= 574#   HtH= d8   Mvt= 124" Eff Rangeto Hit= /4

30'    HP=27 CC=730#   HtH=d8   Mvt=155"  Eff Range to Hit= /5

36'    HP=33 CC= 876#   HtH= d8   Mvt= 186" Eff Rangeto Hit= /6

42'    HP=38 CC=1022#  HtH=d10  Mvt= 217"  Eff Range to Hit= /7 Spell ranges, flight speed unaffected by size.

GO AHEAD, HIT ME Magically increases structural strength against impact/kinetic damage. When cast on flesh results in Invulnerability score. PR=5/1 CA=3/1 Struc Str=26/15 INV=23/12 Duration=26/15 turns

VERY LIFELIKE Animate and control statues/carvings/toys that represent living things. PR=15/3 CA=2/1 Duration= until destroyed/untilstruc damage

Weakness: Physical Handicap Pavel has a heart condition that seriously jepordizes his health. On HP damage, damagex1% and Pavel goes into cardiac arrest. Electrical HP damage is x3% (Immediately acts as fatigued, loses 1HP, 2Pow per turn) Recovers w/ medical attention if conscious, requires hospital stay if unconscious.

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