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Character Sheet: Psyche
Name: Psyche
Identity: Eleanor White
Player: Hazel
Experience: tbd
Affiliation: Liberty League
Campaign Location: New Philadelphia
Sex: Female
Age: 29
Level: 1
Power synopsis: Eleanor White's abilities are a result of accidental exposure to an experiement to create super-humans conducted by the villainous Crimson Spider. She was initially discovered by Gaslight whom entrusted the nascient powered to the supervision of the Liberty League. She has recently joined the team after a probationary period during which she extensively trained to control her amazing psychic powers.
Weight: 120

Basic Hits: 3    Agility Mod: 2

Strength: 11

Agility: 13

Endurance: 13
Charisma: 14

   reactions from Good/Evil: 1

Intelligence: 13

   Detect Hidden/Danger: 11/11

   Inventing Points/%: 1.3/39%
Accuracy: +1
Damage: +1
Carrying Capacity: 158
Basic HTH: 1d4
HP Mods (1.07)(1.4)(1.1)(1.2) = 1.97736
Healing Rate: .9
Hit Points: 6
Power Points: 50
Movement Rates: Running = 37
Powers Description
Telepathy She can read surface thoughts, broadcast her own thoughts, act as a mental switchboard for willing participants, track people by their thoughts, shield her own thoughts, and probe for deeper thoughts in others
Empathy Eleanor can detect the surface emotions of others. She can detect the target's emotional state and further refine that knowledge to discover the target's physical state, surroundings, and location, insofar as these have an influence on the emotions. She can also send empathic messages to others especially people emotionally close to her.
Illusions She can project illusions into the minds of others that fool the victim's basic senses. It is possible over time that she may even be able to impact psychic senses as well. Eleanor can convince people they are bound, blind, in excrutiating agony, etc. but cannot actually harm some one directly with her ability.
Emotion Control Eleanor can broadcast her own emotions to others thus rousing any emotion in people near her. While she does not have direct control over the target's actions in this altered state, the effects of heightened emotions can be predicted to a degree. For example, triggering extreme anger in an opponent could easily cause them to lash out at their own comrades if no other target is present, total bliss could effectively paralyze an opponent, etc.
Damage Transference Eleanor can manipulate the life force (for lack of a better term) of herself and other beings. She can steal life from the victim, transferring 1d12 Hit Points from the victim to herself, thus recovering lost Hit Points. Eleanor cannot exceed his normal Hit Points in this way. She can continue to steal life from victims even if her Hit Points are current at her normal maximum. The victim cannot roll with this attack, although the attack is very painful. She can also lend life force energy, transferring 1d12 of her own Hit Points to another. The recipient's Hit Points cannot exceed his normal maximum in this way, and any extra points transferred are lost. This power has no range, costs one action and PR=5. It attacks as Devitalization Ray.

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