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Character Sheet: Shatterman
Name: Shatterman
Identity: Jack Dunn
Player: Patric
Experience: tbd
Affiliation: Liberty League
Campaign Location: New Philadelphia
Sex: Male
Age: 23
Level: 4
Power synopsis: Shatterman gained many abilities thanks to his exposure to strange energies during Zevon's attempted recreation of the Philadelphia Experiement. Amongst these gifts are an impressive endurance, durability, and even regenerative abilities. His main offensive power is a devastating energy blast. 
Weight: 145

Basic Hits: 3    Agility Mod: -

Strength: 9

Agility: 15

Endurance: 31
Charisma: 12

   reactions from Good/Evil: 1

Intelligence: 12

   Detect Hidden/Danger: 11/11

   Inventing Points/%: 4.8/36%
Accuracy: +2
Damage: +1
Carrying Capacity: 118
Basic HTH: 1d3
HP Mods (1.0)(3.8)(1.1)(1.6) = 6.688
Healing Rate: 2.7
Hit Points: 20
Power Points: 67
Movement Rates: Running = 55    Flying = 1228
Powers Description
Power Blast He can expel devastating blasts of energy from his hands.  20" range, 1d20 damage, PR=1.
Flight He can fly through unknown means, probably a combination of anti-gravity, psychokinesis and energy expulsion.  Maximum speed in an atmosphere is 279 mph, PR=1 per hour.
Heightened Endurance He is hardy and gains +19 to Endurance.
Adaptation He can survive for extended periods in hostile environments and is immune to most toxins and diseases.  PR=1 per hour, or per use as defense.
Invulnerability He is a damage sponge and can ignore 20 points of damage per turn.
Regeneration He is a serious damage sponge.  He cannot regenerate attacks that directly affect his life force energy.  This includes Death Touch and Devitalization Ray attacks.
Weakness: Physical Handicap Jack has what's been dubbed a "vacuum sensitivity." This means all uses of Adaptation and Flight are more difficult for him in any environment less than 0.8 atmospheres PR costs are doubled.

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