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Character Sheet: Silver Dragon
Name: Silver Dragon
Identity: Deirdre Norris
Player: Rebecca
Experience: tbd
Affiliation: Liberty League
Campaign Location: New Philadelphia
Sex: Female
Age: 21
Level: 4
Power synopsis: Silver Dragon is the team's resident power-house. She has tremendous strength and durability. She is amongst the strongest women to call Mars home. Those abilities coupled with her own increasing knowledge of the martial arts makes her impressive in combat. Deirdre also shares an empathic link with a minature dragon created by her parents, scientists on the forefront of Martian science.
Weight: 150

Basic Hits: 3    Agility Mod: -

Strength: 50

Agility: 14

Endurance: 16
Charisma: 13

   reactions from Good/Evil: 1

Intelligence: 13

   Detect Hidden/Danger: 11/11

   Inventing Points/%: 5.2/39%
Accuracy: +1
Damage: +1
Carrying Capacity: 9495
Basic HTH: 2d10
HP Mods (5.0)(1.8)(1.27)(1.1)(3) = 12.573
Healing Rate: 1.2
Hit Points: 38
Power Points: 93
Movement Rates: Running = 66
Powers Description
Heightend Strength x2 Exposure to PE energies have virtually re-created Dee's musculature to the point that she has +35 added to her strength score..
Invulnerability Dee subconciously generates a mirage-like, half-visible shimmer of scales to protect her from harm. In game terms, she garners 24 points of Invulnerability.
Heightened Expertise: Martial Arts Having previously toyed with a couple of martial arts as a way to meet the schoolĖs phys ed requirement, she plunged in with a whole heart to gain control over her newfound strength. She has rapidly became deeply committed to the arts. As a result she gains a +4 to hit in HTH melee combat.

Rajni (a Hindu name meaning "night") is dark-colored, with nearly black scales over most of her body, but the undersides of her wings are colored in a pattern of rust-red and yellow. She is slightly more than 2 feet long and could (they theorize) grow to as long as four feet as she continues to mature. She came to be DeirdreĖs when the young woman was allowed to be present at the hatching of the second successful egg cluster eighteen months ago.

Weakness: Weirdness Magnet Strange and bizarre things happen with alarming frequency to Dee. These occurrences are not necessarily fatal, at least not immediately, and can occasionally be beneficial. Most of the time it is just terribly, terribly inconvenient. Zach has long since given up trying to rationalize the stark improbability of things in her life.

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