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Character Sheet: Terraform
Name: Terraform
Identity: Terry Norris
Player: Stephen
Experience: tbd
Affiliation: Liberty League
Campaign Location: New Philadelphia
Sex: Male
Age: 4
Level: 4
Power synopsis: "Terry" as he has been dubbed by his "sister", Silver Dragon, is an artificial life-form created by bleeding-edge scientists, Ronan and Audrey Norris. He was created as a hydra organism to help in the Martian terraforming effort. As such most of his abilities stem from that purpose - he can control the "earth" itself moving it, shaping it, and even blasting it at opponents. He can also alter his own form (which is composed of sand primarily) into a number of shapes, mimicking Earth animal life.
Weight: 250

Basic Hits: 5    Agility Mod: -2

Strength: 15

Agility: 14

Endurance: 16
Charisma: 13

   reactions from Good/Evil: 1

Intelligence: 12

   Detect Hidden/Danger: 11/11

   Inventing Points/%: 4.8/36%
Accuracy: +1
Damage: +1
Carrying Capacity: 622
Basic HTH: 1d8
HP Mods (1.34)(1.8)(1.07)(1.27) = 3.2776668
Healing Rate: 2.0
Hit Points: 17
Power Points: 57
Movement Rates: Running = 45
Powers Description
Chemical Powers - Silicate Body

Terry is composed predominantly of the very landscape he was designed to change. This allows him the following abilities as well as Chemical Powers defense where applicable: .                                                                                                   

a)      Life Support effects and defense when appropriate.            

b)      Transformation/Shapeshifter/Creatures - Just as Terry can manipulate Martian soil, he can use his shifting abilities on his own body as well. He combines this control with the DNA samples recorded onto the silicate in his body to assume the form of creature native to Earth.

c)      Stretching - Terry can elongate his form and use itĚs special properties to protect himself from many forms of kinetic attack.

Earth Control

Terry has an amazing and vast control over the Martian land.                                                                                                   

a)      Martiakinesis - as per the rules for Magnetic Powers on p. 14 of the rulebook, Terry can currently manipulate up to 600 pounds martian soil. He can swirl the material about his body to act as a defense from attack or as a blast like attack of his own. Range of this "sand blast" is 15 game inches, Damage is based on the capacity used, up to 600 lbs or 1d8.

b)      Sandstorm (see Darkness Control p. 11)

c)      Blinding Dust (see blinding flash under Light Control p. 14)   

d)      Fists of Stone - Terry can create huge hands to grapple his opponents from a distance.

e)   Chains of Earth - Terry can also entangle opponents within "earthen" bounds (as per Ice Control, p. 13)  

Weakness: Special Requirement

When shapeshifting the mass Terry uses could come from any available source but the energy required to do so would be derived from the martian sands. That's why it takes energy to grow bigger than normal or shrink smaller than normal but less to shrink to normal than it does to grow to normal. It should be easy to shed mass once changed into, e.g., an elephant but it should be very difficult to gain it back so there could be a potential of being stuck as an ant sized man until I was able to recharge those batteries.

Because of this "energy store" it's been hypothosized that Terry requires somewhat frequent contact with Martian soil. As such he would have to travel with a supply of it on long journeys.

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