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"This is the one where Kharis pops out smoking tana leaves as soon as we step into the chamber, right?" - Gaslight



Turn 11

"Break out flares if you've got them," Gaslight instructs quietly. "I don't want anybody stumbling around in the dark." He then raises his left hand and whispers a sub-vocalized command into the mouthpiece of his mask, triggering one of the many miniaturized devices integrated in his uniform. Fine micro-filaments in his glove secrete a filmy gelatinous compound, coating his palm with a thin layer of the stuff. The chemical is similar to the compound found within glow sticks, but more potent, and bathes the area near Gaslight in an eerie green glow that allows them to see, with some difficulty, approximately twenty feet in any given direction.

"We have no idea where the Eliot or the Norrises might be, so Mancer and I will remain with the rest of you until we discover some clue that points to their location or Psyche can direct us to them," GL states. "We'll follow the tracking signal from Dee's communicator for now. Moonlight and I should take point. With my zanji awareness training and his lupine senses, we're best equipped to spot any trails and detect any ambushes." Gaslight, perhaps arrogantly, takes it for granted that his suggestions will be deferred to, and steps to the front of the assemblage. "Which way, Zach?"

Trying hard not to let the Norris's emotions overwhelm her own self control, Psyche uses the sheer terror being projected as a beacon, a perverse radar, to identify the direction from which it is emanating. "It's," her voice cracking with the effort of forcing the words out loud, "it's this way, they're down here... " and for once ignoring Gaslight's commands she steps forward and hesitantly begins to lead the way towards where she thinks the Norris's are being held.

"Psyche!" Gaslight nearly shouts rather urgently, laying a gloved hand upon her shoulder to restrain her. His tone softens when he speaks again, "Eleanor, your powers are ill-equipped to handle physical threats. You could be hurt badly if you're taken by surprise. Please, allow Moonlight and myself to lead the way. We've the best chance to detect and react to any ambush."

Dr Z catches the look from Gaslight and steps closer to Psyche. He's contracted his force field to cover just the two of them. "Remember to stay close. I'm sure I can shield you if you don't get too far away from me."

Startled by Gaslight's reprimand but conscious that she had provoked it by her imprudent behaviour, and very aware of his hand limiting her forward progress Psyche feels the blush of embarrassment building until she is sure that she is radiating enough heat for him to feel it, even through his glove.

A moment later, Gaslight adds, "Whom were you leading us to? Silver Dragon? Terraform? The Norrises?"

A few minutes earlier Eleanor had been anxiously thinking about the limitations caused by the dimly lit passage way but now glad of the near darkness covering her shame she responds, "Dee's parents - and I don't think they're doing so well as Dee."

A quick look at Dr. Z's strattontech scanner reveals the direction of Dee's communicator. "Dee's that way," he says, pointing.

"Looks like they're more or less together for now. Psyche, keep scanning, let us know when we have to split up." He takes a second to disconnect the visi-screen from the scanner and attack it to his costume's wrist port, putting he scanner proper in one of his pockets. A shrug of his broad shoulders settles the oversized EMPulse controller onto his back. "OK people, let's move."

"Yeah, baby," says Shatterman from his point at the rear. "S'huntin' season!"

This time Psyche follows the instructions issued by Zach and Mason taking up her position near Zach. As she does so she sends a comforting thought back to the Norrises in an attempt to calm and reassure them that help was at hand.

Heisenberg sniffs sourly, "Not enough oil in the well-oiled fighting machine it appears."

Mancer is floating lotus-style and staring to the left of the aged antagonist. The awkward effect was due to a precautionary spell that displaced him from his apparent location. Moved by the chance to needle the villain as much as anything else, Pavel shoots back, "You know what's cool about being young?"

"I'm sure I wouldn't."

"Got that right. The cool thing about being young," Mancer's voice increased enough to ensure Psyche overheard, "is not having to be right all the time."

Shatterman laughs and blows a raspberry at Heisenberg.

"Psyche, please let us know if the impression you're receiving from Mr. and Mrs. Norris should veer away from our present course." Hefting his grenade launcher, Gaslight stalks forward down the dimly lit corridor.

Oddly enough the interior seems strangely devoid of the reams of silicates The League and their allies were expecting to encounter. The passageway opens up within a grand hall. Braziers fill the main area with sufficent light to see by although the farthest reaches above are still enshrouded in darkness. The same designs from the obelisks outside are repeated on the walls here.

"Odd," says Shatterman, "I was expecting resistance. Wanted to blow up some creeps and vent some steam."

Steps lead up to what empty shackles on a raised platform. Large ornate scales are on the dias. A strange hieroglyph of a woman with a crocodile head and other abstracted animal features is inset into the wall in visually under the scales. Other figures have been clearly omited presumably by the the powers of the savage silicates.

Looking closely, Psyche recognises the form of Amemait, 'the devourer' and is just beginning to hypothesis that the vandalised figures are those of Anubis or possibly Horus when from out of nowhere it happens. Eleanor's body jerks as her mind is cut free from the illusion of the "here and now." In her mind's eye she can see figures in the past -- are they the ancient egyptians? someone, something else? constructing this temple. Beings she cannot fathom are overseeing the construction -- are they Gods? something more? Was it built here? On Earth? She can't tell. The last image she can reliably decipher through the veils of time are of a cosmically scaled face with one red eye and one blue eye. Apep perhaps, waiting to devour Ra?

She spasms again falling against a wall and her mind is flung forward once more. A robed figure is on the dias. Dozens of the silicates watch from below. Grains of sand are in one side of the scales while a feather is the other. The figure discards his robe as Terry's pain-racked face can be seen swirling across his chest like sand blown across a dune.

A final hectic jerk of her lithe form as she slumps to the floor signals the return of her consciousness back to it's proper place in the space-time continuum. Her eyes flash open as she receives a communique from Terry. Nothing concrete and nothing analytical. It is a burst of such unimagineable loss that it causes Eleanor to weep uncontrollably. Terry is struggling for his very soul and he seems to be losing.

Overwhelmed by the the rollercoaster ride through time, in amongst the sobbing, Eleanor can be heard wailing, "Fight it Terry, fight it!" while in her heart the guilt is building for not intervening when she had had the chance earlier. Desperately broadcasting first to Terry *You're not alone, don't give up!* and with her self-control hampered by her emotions, she almosts deafens Dee and the other Leaguers as she continues wildly *You've got to help him! He's being subsumed!*

See can't pinpoint where he is exactly but the emanation came from the opposite end of the edifice they are approaching in the search for Dee and the Norris'.

"Well, looks like we can't protect her from psychic threats either," says Shatterman, obliquely refering to Gaslight's earlier remarks as to why Psyche should not lead the group forward. "What the heck good are we?"

Heisenberg has to wonder if First Flight suffered this level of angst and disarray. If so, it cheapens his sense of victory over those heroes of Mar's Golden Age. He had always privately hoped that his counterparts on the side of the angels avoided this sort of thing far better than his villainous compatriots. Perhaps he was wrong. He reaches a hand to the ailing psychic....

Shrugging off any assistance and with a determined set to her chin Psyche hauls herself off the ground. Only Mason has previously seen her look so stern, so stubborn, as with the anger building at the injustice being dealt out by those playing at being Gods, she pulls herself upright and turns to face Zach saying, "I don't care what you do but _I_ am going to help Terraform."

Eleanor can feel that Zach is torn for just a second, weighing his desire to see Dee safe against the need to recude Terry, before he makes a firm decision, flicking on his communicator to minimum volume. "Dee, Terry's in trouble in the opposite direction from you. I'm sending some help your way, but we'll have to split up more. Keep us informed."

"Jack," the indestructible man detaches the his scanner and hands it to the hard rock hero, "Go help Dee. Be careful not to get entombed again. Don't worry about making too much noise."

"Gaslight, Jack should be making plenty of distraction for your finding the Norrises with Moonlight and Heisenberg." Zach turns to his uncle, "If this Baaphmat is using a traditional magical paradigm for channeling the energy, I'll need your help to decipher and counter it."

With that Zach grabs Eleanors hand and starts running in the direction she's indicated, hoping to be able to intervene before the silicate sentinels cohesive energy field is perminantly corrupted.

"This must be Plan F," interjected Heisenberg snidely.

"This is plan "shut-up-and-listen-to-the-guy-in-black,"" retorted Mancer as he zipped off behind his nephew with a flourish of his red greatcoat.

Gaslight shakes his head in disapproval as Zach, Eleanor and Pavel vanish into the darkness at the other end of the chamber, marveling at Z's continued impetuousness. Perhaps Shatterman is beginning to rub off on Zach, though Gaslight would have hoped that it would be the other way around. "Shatterman, take this," GL says, tossing over a flare before Jack has a chance to speed away. "Try not to crash into anything in the dark. We'll be along shortly."

"Thanks," says Shatterman as he fires up the flare. "I won't crash into anything accidently. Fair enough?" He grins.

With a big, wide grin Shatterman takes the scanner and whoops, "Now yer talking my language!" He zooms off with a very loud chant "*Bamp* *Bamp* *Bamp*" then singing "We chew and spit you out. We laugh, you scream and shout. All flee, with fear you run. You'll know just where we come from. Liberty League United!" The loud, angry rendition of Metallica's "Damage, Incorporated" fades as Jack careens around a corner in the distance and a loud explosion means a door just bit the dust.

Into his communicator, the Shrouded Avenger says, "Z, be sure to keep us apprised of your progress. Radio checks every two minutes." To his erstwhile villainous companions, he concludes, "Gentlemen, shall we be moving along?"

* * *

They glide forward with a silken rustle of scales, implacable. The egg-smasher Eliot is close. So very close.

Dee turns a corner and sights her prey working in a make shift laboratory. He fails to see her cloaked in shadows as she is. The reptilian anger in her blood begins to boil as she prepares to begin an attack run when suddenly....

Eleanor screams telepathically to the League, *You've got to help him! He's being subsumed!*

It takes a moment for the thought to resolve itself into comprehension. *Where?!*

* * *

As Zach and Eleanor careen down a side passage, scant moments after her broadcast the hybrid mind of Dee and Rajni makes contact across the open link. *Where?! Where is Terry?!* Eleanor can sense from other surface thoughts that Dee/Rajni has Eliot in her sights....

Trying to maintain her footing as Zach hurries her in the direction she herself indicated she reacts to Dee's queries in a less constructive way than perhaps Silver Dragon would like, *he's, he's* a momentary hesitation creeps in as she continues, *this way...* and she relays an image of herself and Zach homing in on Terraform's last communication, thus allowing Dee to pin point her own location compared to Psyche and therefore triangulate Terraform's location. Keeping the link open despite the unfamiliar feelings associated with Dee's mind Psyche continues, *We might need Eliot to get us out of here.*

*If you think you guys can get Terry loose, we'll be happy to deal with That Loser.* Though it will, they think regretfully, mean leaving him in condition to talk.

*We'll do everything we can. The others are en route to your position via your communicator. You may encounter them before you catch up with us.* Zach is still moving at the best speed Eleanor can manage, protecting both of them with a skin of invisible force. *I'm going to modulate the EMPulse Controller to have less of an effect on Terry's specific aura - that may help him break free if he's subsumed.*

Pavel implicitly trusted his favorite nephew's judgement, and flew along behind humming, "Don't know where we're going, but we're making good time," and eyeing the walls for heiroglyphic clues to the strange place the League found themselves in.

The insect and jasmine heiroglyphs rotate out with star shapes and less atypical symbols. The star shape combined with the funeral narrations combined with the pictograms he saw on the dias earlier serve to disabuse him of any lingering doubts he may have had in the back of his pragmatic mind that they are in Duat.

"Uncle, I'm going to need a few seconds to make the adjustments once we're in a set location. Anything you can do to keep it's attention, or to help Psyche support Terry's consciousness, would be appreciated."

"If only that strategy could be applied to the senior Ms. Norris," Pavel said by way of acknowledgement.

Still recovering from the effect of the visions it is only now that Eleanor is able to fully take on board the enormity of what she had done. She had forced the Leaguers to split up even further, _she_ had made them more vulnerable by forcing them to separate and what for? She had had only the barest moment of actual contact with Terraform and now nothing - no matter how hard she 'felt' for his presence she could not find him - not even a hint that he was still fighting the absorption process. How would she be able to live with herself if things went against them here? How could she explain what had happened in those moments before her tirade? With those and many other questions reeling in her head Psyche was grateful for a few moments to regain her equilibrium as Zach led her through the corridors.

The trio come to a alcove large enough for Zach to go about his work which he finishes quickly. Mancer is the first to notice, but sand seems to be flowing across the floor. At first it was impercitable but the stream has built up steadily. It seems to be flowing in one direction -- straight ahead. A light can be eeked out toward the end of the long tunnel.

"Judging by the silicate accretion occuring, this seems to be the central chamber up ahead." Zach cues the other leaguers in on the communicator, "It looks like we've located the centerpoint, and all of the silicates are converging in a single spot. it should be easy enough for you to find the civilians and get them clear. We many need Eliot conscious, Dee, so restrain yourself. Zach out."

"We'll move into the chamber on three - Pavel, watch yourself, stay low at first and help Eleanor as best you can to assist Terry. Once he's free, we can deal with this threat in a more definate fashion."

"I've got a little something in mind, but I'll rely on you to zero me in, girlie." To Psyche's querying look he clarified, "in case there's problems telling our sandcastle from the rest of them."

Nodding to Mancer to acknowledge his request Psyche prepares for the inevitable confrontation to follow. Feeling a terrible sense of trepidation, not unlike her early childhood experiences before important examinations, Eleanor takes a deep breath & begins to bring her memories of Terraform to t he front of her mind. Identifying the key features of his personality and the feeling that she associates with mental contact with him will, she hopes, help her identify his core being in the struggle for his release. Visualising him in her mind she remembers the naive, young entity she has come to know, full of fun and with a natural exuberance. Certainly someone worth fighting for...

Zach holds out his hand, indicate one finger, then two, then three, waving it for the others to follow him into the room.

The chamber itself is not as large or as ornate as any of them may have expected. Even more surprising the majority of the light is coming from what appears to be a recently created opening to the outside. The silicate trail continues moving in that path. A discarded flagstaff and robe lies in the center of the chamber. A beam of radiant light falls upon them from an aperture on the ceiling.

Pavel walks over to the items and gazes up at the well-architected hole. He raises his hand over his eyes to shield most of the light. Much to his surprise their is a very large eyes looking down on him to meet his gaze.

A booming voice from outside the structure says, "COME! MEET YOUR DOOM, LITTLE GODLINGS! TEST YOUR METTLE AGAINST A TRUE GOD!"

Psyche's body language is all the seasoned veterans need to see to realize that what was once Terry has now been completely subsumed. Zach's scanners on the EMPulse Cannon are finding it impossible to find his "aura" as well. It is simply as if he never was. As if he was only the fever dream of the greater silicate colony.

"It appears our little sandcastle is all growed up," observes Pavel drily. The part of Pavel known for aheroic calculus quickly bins this as a lifestyle choice the League would be best served to spirit the Norris' out from under, and leave to his sandy little playground. The fact that Terry's soul was under assault quickly dispelled that notion, or at least dispelled it more quickly than it might have twenty years ago. Reading what must have been a mirror of his own astonishment on his companions' faces, Pavel reluctantly (very reluctantly) offers, "But I suppose he's not too big for a spanking."

"He certainly needs bringing down to size," Eleanor adds wryly, "Go ahead, I'll just keep out of the way and wait for an opportunity to act myself."

"I refuse to accept that Terry is alltogether gone - more likely his aura is being washed out by a stronger signal. Induce some feedback in that signal and we should be able to relocate Terry." Zach grimaces, "and if he is lost, then inducing the feedback is a good way to weaken this thing regardless."

The Mock Mage waits a beat, providing ample opportunity for dissuasion, but when none is offered, he zips out the ground-level portal, touching off his BIG RED icon as he clears the exit. Recalling his last Titan-sized battle against Mecha-Marzilla, Pavel wonders if anyone ever really means it when they say 'never again.'

Zach gestures Eleanor to head back into the corridor, shrugging off the EMpulse controller and handing it to her. "keep a watch on this, if you will, and stay out of the line of fire. Set the force level to 4," Eleanor can see that this one goes to 11, "if you want to handle any loose silicates with it. I'm going to help Pavel induce some feedback."

Chastened by Zach's comment, but still not overly confident that Terry's individuality hadn't disappeared altogether, Eleanor moves out of the immediate area into the passageway they had entered through. Once in the relative safety she familiarises herself with the pulse controller to ensure she is prepared should any other sandy entities come their way.

Zach strides outside, speaking into the communicator, "The main battle seems to be outside. The Norrises and Eliot are still a prime concern, but once you have them secured, we may need a hand. Once outside he brushes invisible pieces of sand from his arms and spends a few seconds gaguing Baaphmet's abilities.

* * *

Reassured that Dr. Z will take care of things - he always does - the Dragon resumes her forward glide, pausing only long enough to ensure that this is not some well-baited trap before she springs.

Their senses pick up no threat. No subtle heat patterns to indicate silicates in hiding nearby. Interestingly, they do smell some sense of panic about the Scottish villain not the confidence she would expect out of such a trap.

Seeing Eliot occupied with whatever he is doing at his bench - and hoping that it isn't more of that spore crap - they lunge with serpentine swiftness.

Leaping across his desk she scatters beakers and flasks filled with God knows what chemical horrors to the floor with a crash as they shatter open. Fumes rise and waft and the ground puckers and boils but to little effect on the two figures. Quickly pinning his arms to prevent him an opportunity to attack, the hybrid Dragon thrusts the mad scientist against the wall, none too gently.

"Where are they?" she demands, the pressure of her grip making it clear that he'd best answer quickly.

""Noooooo. Mah chemicals! They waur mah only chance...." Eliot screams madly. In the low-light of the area, they had not noticed it before but now, even through red haze of rage, they can see that he had, as Bfmaat said, "received his own rewards." The same spores that once wracked Dee's body have been set loose on Eliot. His eyes are beginning to coat over just as her's had done earlier. Unfortunately for Eliot, he does not possess an IF enhanced physique to help him cope with the pain.

The sight does not bother Rajni, at least. "I can leave you here, or try to get you some help. Quickly now."

"It's too late fur me! Yoo've destroyed mah a body chance. Eh shoods lit those tae die wi' me!"

"You are wasting time," she growls, looking around to see if there are any other exits from the room that might lead to where they're being held.

A familiar gravely hard rock voice can be heard singing "Dealing out the agony within. Charging hard and no one's gonna give in."Shatterman arrives just as the tension really begins to mount for the Dee and the madman who stole away with her parents.

"Guid luck findin' them, ye wretched coo." He has just enough vision left to see her slit-like eyes scanning the numerous tunnels branching off from this area.

Shatterman sings "Slamming through, don't fuck with the dragon!" Pointing at Eliot, he continues "Stepping out? You'll feel our hell on your back!"

Then, mellowing a bit, Shatterman says "First off," says Shatterman, "that's now a cow. It's a dragon. I think. Of course, it looks a lot more like a dragon than the one I new and loved. But then, you look a lot more like a plant than an arch-villain. Man, you just can't trust those ancient dirt-based non-human intelligences to do right, can you?" He grins maliciously, although his heart is concerned for Silver Dragon.

Her own grin is a rather disconcerting sight at the moment. "Nice to see you, too, Shatty." The urge to simply break Eliot's neck is near-overwhelming. She stops short of that, however, using Rajni's senses to see if the air can tell her in which direction they were taken.

"Jack to Dee," says Shatterman nervously. "Come out, come out. Psyche has a lock on your parents. We'll find them." Feeling some relief that she won't break Eliot's neck, Shatterman continues "We should probably take creep boy with us. Slimy as he is, he doesn't deserve to be left here. I'll carry him." Then with a lop-sided smile he says "Besides, what better revenge than to have his plans fail totally and *know* we saved him too?"

"I can think of a few things," she growls. "You want him, you can have him - 'ware the goop. Are you in touch with Psyche? Where's everybody else?"

"I've got a radio," says Shatterman. "Gimme the slime and let's go." Hitting the comms he announces, "I'm with Dee and Eliot. Bf-tusi seems to have gone medievil on him tho'. I think he just passed out from some being slime-timed. We're en route to join ya."

* * *

After several paces Moonlight's lunar-powered lupine senses find a human scent. "I think I got 'em with the ol' sniffer. There aren't too many down here aside from our own. It'd have to be them."

The trio stop short of emerging from their tunnel. In front of them is a large open area with many sarcophogi. The constructs are made of the same material as everything else here. The many hues and tones on the surface made not by paint but presumably by some fine cosmetic control of the sand particles themselves. Terry has never exhibited such control. It's a matter Gaslight notes to himself.

Moonlight inhales deeply. The fur on his body puffs and glows as he does so. "I can smell your playmates. That young punk and the strong-woman are nearby."

"I think I've seen this picture," Gaslight responds. "This is the one where Kharis pops out smoking tana leaves as soon as we step into the chamber, right?"

"If so, perhaps we'll have the good fortune to rescue Peggy Moran?" Heisenberg quips in return. "I imagine she's quite a bit more pleasant to pass the time with than a too-serious gas-masked vigilante and a walking shag carpet."

"Probably so," Gaslight agrees. "Moonlight, can you smell any humans here? Could the Norris' be in the sarcophogi?"

Moonlight decides to ignore the slight. The mention of old Hollywood does set him realing for a moment. "She was a great bird. Stories 'round the set said she even helped Tom Tyler with his make-up. She'd blow dry his plaster wraps for him."

Before anyone has a chance to snap him back to his senses they do it themselves. A twitch of his snout and he nods. "Yeah. Yeah, they're in there allright." He points to two in the distance.

"Yes, of course it would be two on the far side of the chamber," Gaslight grunts. Hefting his bloop gun, he says, "All right gentlemen, let's go get them. And since no heroic rescue would be complete without a dash of gratuitous violence, take my joke about attackers springing forth suddenly to heart; hope for a quiet rescue, but expect a running fight."

Straining his senses to their maximum potential, Gaslight cautiously stalks into the chamber. The tiny hairs on the back of his neck stand on end. There's something akin to static in the air. Not dissimilar from the same sensation he gets when in close proximity to Psyche when her powers are active.

The trio make their way cautiously across the expanse. Much to their collective chagrin, they do so unimpeded.

With a slight growl to his voice Moonlight says, "seems like somebody forgot their copy of the script."

"Truly disappointing. Even the lowliest two-bit ne'er-do-well from yesteryear would have the area booby-trapped. The Wren must be rolling in his grave. *That* man certainly knew a thing or two about death-traps. I remember the time he "feathered one of his nests" so well it took the authorites a whole summer to gain purchase.

"I remember that time. Hell, I even commisionned him one time. He built me bonsai replicas of Deimos and Phobos. The suckers were to scale and everything. The craters were choke full of traps. I had those TEENAGEnt brats thinking were on the real thing for days. Ha!"

"So sad...," Heisenberg trails off. Commenting more on the loss of yet another compatriot than the possible shortcomings of youth and inexperience.

"I wouldn't be surprised if those kids weren't fooled half as long as you believe, Moonlight," Gaslight responds, studying the sarcophogi for seams, hinges, and ubiquitous secret mechanisms. "Well, perhaps Anthem."

The two criminals wait patiently for the Shrouded Terror to spring the hostages. Either the immediate need to rescue them hasn't occured to them out of habbit or they'd rather not risk tripping any failsafes. Certainly strolling down memory lane about a "Trapster" villain hasn't helped matters any.

Gaslight pauses his examination. "I'm getting a message from Dr. Z! He's located the central chamber and the silicates are converging on his position. That may explain why we've encountered no resistance here. Damn! I'd rather conduct a more thorough study before acting, but we've no time to lose! We're the varsity team here, we don't want to fall behind." Slinging his weapon. GL instructs, "I'm going to open the first sarcophogus. Stand ready. For all we know, the Norrises may be acting under mental domination themselves, or the sarcophogi could be trapped or even disguised silicates, ready to spring into action at the first sign of tampering. Be prepared for anything."

His dusk shrouded gloved hands slide across the lid. He gently depresses the eyes. If Jack were here he'd be making "Nyuck. Nyuck" noises like the Stooges. Seconds later the piece slides off on it's own accord.

Heisenberg offers his hand to Mrs. Norris to help her out of the container as Gaslight quickly releases Mr. Norris. The two scientists spend only a moment regaining their composure, belying the courage they passed along to their daughter ...and son.

Heisenberg muses aloud, "is anyone else curious as to the contents of the other sarcophogi?"

As if on cue the psychic vibrations Gaslight felt earlier increase. All but one of the elaborate caskets shake and burst open. Etheric forms rise and disappear like wisps of smoke. Each mind is touched gently. Life stories unfold in the matter of seconds. It would seem as if some of the psychic essences trapped herein date back centuries, some even millenia. Many from the turn of the last century. Others from the 1920s. All from Earth.

Tens of hundreds of years worth of clairvoyants, seers, and psychics made contact with some force that kept a part of them trapped here in Duat. Trapped in spacetime between Earth and Mars. All toiled in the construction of the pyramid for their hidden master ...a malevolent force far more deadly than the current threat. As Eliot was foresworn to Bfmaat, is Bfmaat himself just another servitor? An image slithers brifly across all the minds' present leaving fear and terror in it's wake.

The etheric figures swirl about the last vessel and then rise higher. Ever higher. Until they are in position to take their small vengence while they can. Untold anguish and pain is vented upon the very structure itself. The ceiling and walls begin to tumble down.

Even amidst the chaos Gaslight's keen hearing can make out the most shallow of breathing from the last sarcophogus....

Gaslight spares Heisenberg a withering glance, a subtle accusation that the destruction of the pyramid might not have occurred had the Master of Improbability not jinxed the proceedings with his statement of curiosity. His reproving gaze is lost on Heisenberg, since Gaslight's eyes are entirely concealed by the tinted lenses of his gasmask.

The Shrouded Avenger pulls out his twin .45 long-slides, extending the butts to the Norrises, one apiece. "Take these. There's no telling what we'll encounter on the way out. Fire only if you absolutely have to; they're not effective against the silicates anyway, but they might afford you enough of a distraction to escape if the need arises."

The two hesitantly take the hand-cannons from the Masked Man of Mystery. They weren't exactly shying away from taking care of themselves if need be. They draw a deep breath in unison.

"What about you, laddie? We're not leaving you unarmed are we?" Ronan asks with some concern for their rescuer.

The Grim Guardsman simply opens his coat to disabuse the scientist of his misplaced fear.

To Heisenberg, Gaslight instructs, "Start leading the Norrises out, if you would. Take this communicator. Let Z know you're on your way out. There's someone in the last sarcophogus there. I mean to free him, but I want the Norrises away from here in case there's danger. Hurry!"

Heisenberg nods. "If you'd follow me," he says to the Norris'. "Normally I'm loathe to run anywhere but given the circumstances...." As they make their way out of the chamber Gaslight's maddingly accute sense of hearing can make out the start of the villains communique en masse.

"Moonlight and I are escorting the Norris' to safety. Gaslight will be joining you once he's done rescuing another hostage...assuming the psychic beings who are gleefully destroying the pyramid allow him to do so. I shall endeavor to send my charges through the portal to your headquarters. George and I will then join you to put down this mad dog, Bfmaat." Before he clicks off the Leaguers can hear Moonlight begin questioning not only The Uncertain Man's sanity but his parentage as well.

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