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Session 2:

"We had monkeys flying everywhere." - Leah

"The line between adventurer and bum is something of a slim one." - Dave

"There are no doubt little eddies and so forth." - Rebecca
"Why is he in the river?" -Josh

"You don't sense any danger at all." - Dave* to Josh, who has just blown his Sense Danger roll

"We're about to die, he has to go to the bathroom." - Leah

"Nadya, with the strength born of having an 18 strength...." - Dave*

Session 1:

"I had a gender quandary for a couple of days, but I resolved it." - Leah

"How do you feel about cotillions?" - Dave

"I love exsanguinations." - Josh

"Ten. Bad. Is that technically an armor class?" - Josh
"Armorless class." - Dave

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