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Pendragon character sheets are too bloody complicated to translate to HTML, at least until some day when I'm really bored. A brief dramatis personae:

  • Sir Aeron of Winterbourne - Tom (AKA "Critical Hit King"); wealthy, ludicrously good at heraldry, and when necessary, seriously kicking butt.
  • Sir Elffin the Cunning - Brian; party leader by virtue of being the brightest of the bunch and the only one with real plans. Plus, he's ridiculously good-looking.
  • Sir Richard the Bold - Rebecca; Elffin's cousin, easy-going and sort of the "average guy" in the group; his main hobbies are hunting and being really bad with women.
  • Sir Rupert the Valorous (inactive) - (Name witheld at player request); the most impulsive member of the party and the best swordsman. He means well and learns quickly.


Primarily for reasons of exhaustion, I didn't keep anywhere near as intense a chronicle of this game as I have of the Revolution, but I did take notes on our adventures. You'll notice we took certain liberties with the rules regarding winter phases and the passage of time in general.


Alas, I didn't keep good track of these at all, but here's a paltry few that were salvaged from the mists of time:

It's not even a castle. - Rebecca
There's a wall, there are chickens! - Tom

My, you're the cutest blue monkey-demon I've ever seen! - Tom

I don't hunt, I wander around in the woods until something attacks me, then I beat it to death. - Tom

Forgive me Father, for I am. - Brian gets sarcastic about Richard's lifestyle.

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