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The Oligarchy of Bral

Seats on the oligarchal council are fixed in number and purchased for an exorbitant amount of money and an annual fee, which is an easy way of keeping the riff-raff out, since once you're on you can do fun things with tariffs and bribes. Nevertheless, there is some turnover; in the past three years two companies have lost their seats and been replaced (one a dwarven consortium that fell to mismanagement and disbanded, the other [Nexus] a human company that had a streak of bad luck of the pirate variety and still exists in a resentful, crippled state -- their ships avoid Bral if possible).

Evantha Starmorning is an elderly elf who has been on Bral for as long as anyone else can remember. She is beautiful still and said to be very wise. Amaranth is a strictly female enterprise, no explanations given.

Radian Stormcloud is a young-middle-aged elf who really, really hates his job. Brightring specializes in magical items and was founded by adventurers (his grandparents), and he'd rather be doing that for a living than sitting around in the lap of luxury. He runs things competently enough but doesn't always pay attention when he ought to.

Elven Space Navy
Inessia Greywing is the naval captain currently assigned to Bral. She's on the young side and tend to be a bit hot-headed. Her ship is the Swift Star, a typical man'o'war. She tends to remain aloof from council politics, as she thinks proper, and considers Bral's mercenary defenses all but useless and beneath contempt.

Three Trees
Sidney Volant comfortably runs a comfortably well-established branch of a comfortably well-established company and doesn't generally make any trouble for anyone. He's no slouch at politics, though he appears affable enough and likes to collect Haven's insects. The company made a name for themselves as shipwrights back in the day, and they still have some of the best vessels in space, although they've broadened their activities into other areas.

Verity Yantra just bought a council seat a year ago and is still learning the ropes. She is in her late thirties, tends to be quiet and observant. Silverstream has quietly and observantly come to dominate much of the woven goods market, with sidelines in other areas.

Victor & Sons Intersphere
Samuel Victor VI is your typical spoiled brat rich jerk, the eldest son of the nearest brother of the company head; he's untouchable, knows it, and acts like it. It's considered a matter of time before someone tests that and kills him. They're dealers in luxury goods, naturally, and when their captains (and any others who want their favor) come through port they know to send him a present.

Seven Suns
Farley McFadden is genially roguish but hardworking sort, seems like a pleasant guy, a dealer in victuals and sundries.

Everything Unlimited, Inc.
Five (so called because his real name starts off with five clicks and gets worse from there) is a fairly typical rastipede as far as anyone can tell, they're pretty difficult for humans to figure out.

Fern & Thistle Shipping
Elanor Fern looks like your dear sweet halfling grandma and is sharp as a tack, ruthless when need be. F&TS deals largely in agriculturals.

Havath & Sons
Osric Havath, a dwarf, is another newcomer to the council. His clan stumbled over a cluster of enormously wealthy asteroids. They are filthy rich and determined to capitalize on their position.

No one knows anything about Ormyx, he's Arcane and comes and goes secretly, so people are generally uncertain if he's even in town. He does have some helpers among Bral's folk, most notably a smooth-talking, well-dressed, half-elf called Jevis, who seems to be his number-one on Bral, and a rastipede called Pete.

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