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Alais Zeremin

Alais is the third son of a small shopkeeping family on the Rock. At an early age he displayed signs of being a prodigy. Like all small boys on the rock, he loved to go look at the ships at the docks; unlike most, he would try to corner the spelljamming pilots and pelt them with questions. His parents didn't know what the hell to do with him. Fortunately, one of their customers was an old wizard, who had been a ship's wizard in his youth and suffered grievously for it with many wounds, both mental and physical.

The old drunkard wizard had an enormous tab, but was perpetually broke. Alais' family put the two problems together and decided to have him tutor the boy.

This wasn't all good. The old wizard had a vast storehouse of knowledge, but half of it was complete nonsense. He vanished one night after a few years.

Now the next logical step would have been for Alais to go to a university, but there wasn't any on Bral, and whenever Alais tried to talk to visiting academics, he always got into a fight because he insisted on dragging in the odd things the old wizard had taught him. So now he's a low-grade hedge wizard (who could make more money except he begrudges all time not spent in his studies), who lives in a slum, working on his grand, half-crackpot theory.

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