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Luc Pham

Pham (his culture places the personal name after the family one) was the son of a fisherman, learning his father's trade. He had no idea that the world he lived on was just one of many within a great crystal sphere. Such large thoughts were alien to a tiny fishing village on the edge of the sea.

When Pham turned 16, though, his contented life turned ... strange. It started with a simple feeling of restlessness... of something ... MISSING in his life in this tiny, limited, isolated village. His thoughts became more and more agitated, he began to become more and more angry with his father for keeping him pinned here ... he expected Pham to MARRY soon!

And the whispering in his dreams... and a name... Hextor. The whispering was calling him ... calling him to service...

Young Luc Pham was terrified when he asked the village shaman "Who's Hextor?" and was greeted with a strong clout to the side of the head and a shouted demand to never speak that name again! Hextor ... evil god of pain? ... but the voice didn't seem evil... Pham lasted for another two months in the village. The call grew stronger each day, but he knew he was waiting for something. When the stranger arrived he knew at last what it was.

Deacon Marcus was the strangest man anyone in the village had ever seen. His skin was pale, his eyes were round, his hair was red of all colors, and he was BIG. And yet, there was a gentleness about him. He came into the village, and the children were immediately drawn to him. He stopped, listened to them, and began to tell... stories. Stories of other lands. Stories of strange places, and long ago wonders. And yet, this man was obviously not a bard. Marcus met Luc Pham's gaze, a spark or recognition passed between them, and Pham entered the service of Hextor the Herald.

Pham traveled with Marcus for several years, growing in his faith, and learning the stories of each place he visited, so that he could carry them to the next town, therefore bringing the world a little closer together. The question of whether this Hextor was also the God of Pain has faded, but not completely disappeared. Pham has never gotten a direct answer, and prefers not to think about it. When Hextor wants him to know, he'll be told.

Marcus and Pham found themselves aboard a spelljammer almost by accident about a year ago. Travelling through the forest to avoid an angry mob of villagers who didn't want to listen to any priest saying "No, it's not THAT Hextor!" They stumbled across a campsite of adventurers of some sort in their haste, and only stopped when they noticed the anchor chain leading ... up??? They quickly offered their services to the crew, and boarded the ship before the villagers arrived.

Their travels aboard the tramp spelljammer Century's Hawk were interesting, but ended in tragedy. An attack by Illithids deep in the phlogiston destroyed the ship. Pham took the spelljamming helm of one small lifeboat - Marcus manned the other. Pham ended up at Bral. Marcus hasn't been seen since.

Pham has been at the rock of Bral for the last six months. He's been waiting for Marcus to appear, but has just about lost hope of seeing his friend and master again. And he's running out of what few coins he had when he arrived. Perhaps it's time to sign on to another ship? Hextor will sound the call soon, and Pham will follow it.


Pham is now 22 years old. He has oriental features and skin tone, and is 5'10" tall. He's rather thin and gangly, and as a result his movements are somewhat awkward at times. His hair is kept long, about mid back length. It's usually kept carefully braided.

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