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Turn 39

Still hoping they can drive the creature off rather than wasting more time fighting with it, ibn Fadil darts in front of it, shouting some incomprehensible Zakharan slogan and threatening it with his sword, but not actually attacking.
    Val sees the half-elf and wonders what the devil he is trying to do. Realization dawns a moment later, and he waits to see if the ploy will work. Alais continues his scramble, finally reaching the shelter of the flitter's wing.
    The skullbird, unused to prey that fights back so savagely, gives its harsh cry again and takes off. It makes a half-hearted dive at the one perched on the bear carcass, which screeches angrily at this attempted theft, then returns to its nest, disappointed and restless. The third, which has not troubled to stir itself, busies itself with a bit of carrion it had laid by for a snack.
    For a moment, the room grows quiet but for the sound of tearing flesh. Gorn peeks nervously out of the tunnel.
    "Tk tk. What I could do with such materials," a xixchil voice muses; it's hard to tell where he might be. "I'm certain I know what I did wrong with the last elf. And tk, it pains me to see such primitive prostheses. I could be of help."

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