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    He checks his watch, then lays several bills on the table as he stands "I have to get going—my store's been closed enough over the last week and I can't afford to keep it closed the rest of the afternoon. That's again for your help and your consideration. I'll see you when we next meet."
    He shakes her hand and then moves quickly from the restaurant, hoping to catch a quick subway ride back to Long Island City.
    Janet smiles as Adrian checks his wallet and lays out the bills. _Ever the gentleman._ She doesn't make any motions that may damage his pride, even though by his own admission, he isn't financially set. _If I'd known, I would have suggested someplace less expensive._ Janet stays seated for some time, enjoying the coffee, and thinking. The table is cleared, the check, came and gone. An idea forms in her head, something that may help the Avengers get started on a forward step.

No where else to go, Ravdna leaves the meeting and returns to Patsy Walker's Chelsea apartment. The door be greeted by a voice as she enters ready for battle.
    "Appearances would suggest, Maid of Asgard, that you were raised in an agricultural community." McCoy quips to the Valkyrie.
    "Again mortal?" she says questioningly Gugnir still armed.
    "The door I left it open the last time as well. I am certain Patsy won't appreciate that level of casuality with her home. This is New York City we have more thieves about here then you must in your dimension."
    "Twould seem you know my mortal host. How is it you know of "our" most unique circumstance?"
    "My name is Hank. Hank McCoy." he introduces himself. "I was here the other night. I spoke briefly to Patsy and then left after making sure she was ok. I accidentally absconded away with the missive you penned for her" he hands her the sheet of paper. Feeling the need to try to explain more he continued, "You see I was worried for our mutual friend. I don't know how much you know about her but the abbreviated version of her tale is that she's a wonderful woman who's all but survived through hell of late..."
    The warrior woman briefly scans the mortal to verify that he is not an enemy. Content she interrupts him as she sits across from him, "You refer to her coupling with the mortal warrior?"
    "Robert...Yes...How did you know? I had assumed by the nature of the note that the two of you were distinct and separate entities still...are you sharing thoughts?" He is obviously shaken by this possibility but not surprised.
    "Friend McCoy, I may be alien by din of birth to yon Midgard but I have moved about your plain for millennia...and I now an unhappy woman when I see one. I gazed upon her images of him. Nothing more." He sighs. "Good. I was afraid that perhaps your "circumstance" was rapidly becoming worse...that the two of you were "blending" even more."
    "You seem to be not be at all surprised by this turn of events. Why?"
    Pushing his glasses back. "I am a scientist at a very large corporation named Roxxon (ed. note of is it Brand I can't remember which). I have seen things in my studies and the experiments of others that might shock even your experienced vision."
    "Perhaps your skills added to those of my comrades mayhaps be able to free us from our malady. Maybe mortal science can be the undoing of foul Loki's mischief."
    "It is my deepest wish" he says with no small concern. "My fear is that Patsy might get hurt while you are out "doing good" with your team of heroes..." his carefully articulated speech patterns break down as tears well up behind his lenses "I'm afraid that I'll lose her...especially with what happened to the Specter. You might have your Asgardian hide to protect you from harm but that man was untouchable and now look at him!"
    Standing and reaching out her hand to console McCoy "Aye, mortal I am fearful of the same."
    After a moment a sense of urgency comes to her voice, "I will dispatch Patsy to your side as best I can but there are matters I need to attend to forthwith that are beyond even your prowess and mortal keen." Looking up at her with his bold blue eyes he regains some but not all of his composure. Standing he begins to move toward the door after retrieving his satchel again overflowing with files and folders. "Please do" he says drawing the door closed rubbing his eyes.
    Neither of them seem to notice the odd shift in character as Ravdna utters under her breath "Trust me, Hank."
    On the train ride home Hank starts to absent mindedly scrawl notes on the separation process that he began to develop last night when he unexpectedly gave Patsy a rain check after all on their "date" to Junior's...
    Suddenly Ravdna is not alone
    A tall dark beauty clad in green and black plate mail strides through the room inches above the apartment floor.
    "Lady Hela! It is most fortuitous that you have journeyed across yon Bridge Bifrost. There is a mortal who most belongs in Vahalla despite my failure to deliver him unto you."
    The Goddess of Death speaks unto Odin's favored Valkyrie, "Aye I know of your foolish quest. You have failed before thou hast begun as you must have surely known. Even if his soul was near my realm it would be folly for you to try. It is too late for him. He is not for our realm."
    "If his soul is not trying to make it's way homeward even without mine or my sister's help then where is his essence?" Ravdna asks of Hela recalling Dark Angel's words from earlier.
    "That I know not chooser of the slain. But know this while his physical form has perished his astral one has not gone to any of the Great Beyonds. He is simply...elsewhere."
    "As you know me, Hela I shall not be able to rest until he has earned his just reward."
    "Aye that is just it little one. I believe he is on to that indeed. This mortal named Doom is most certainly on a grand a place where neither you or even one such as I may travel. You must have confidence in his will not be able to aid him."
    "I know not if I can accept that..."
    "It is irrelevant child. The All-Father has another mission for you instead" and with that Hela moves her arm is a deft gesture as her cloak swings past Patsy's Zenith. The teevee turns on and plays back the news segment telling of the escaped Vikings. "Finding your brethren is the charge upon you. Complete it and mayhaps you shall return to Asgard anon."

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