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Choosing a leader.



    "We shall declare our purpose and those in need will flock to our door so we may do them remedy. They shall know peace and we shall surely make the transgressors know repentance." Dark Angel continued to stand by a wall, slightly distant from the group.
    Aegis eyes narrow somewhat behind the shaded visor. She can't tell if this is some shtick he's picked up to go with the look, or what, but it's definitely beginning to irritate her.
    Union tics off a third finger, "Communication. Right now we haven't got it. Other than these sporadic meetings we have no methods of contacting one another. We haven't all revealed our true identities to one another, and that makes things difficult. I understand the need for secrecy as well as anyone, and even full disclosure of identities won't really speed up our communication problems."
    "I've been working on ways for resolving that without forcing people to divulge more about their identities than they wish. One of those methods is finished," Union pulls out a several signal flare devices and hands them out around the table, describing their function and operation. "Firing one of these means that you are now in a situation that requires immediate backup from any other team members who happen to see it. Given we all seem to live or work around the city, that should be the majority of us at any time. The flare's lingering trail will indicate its point of origin, and given the speed of several of our members it should get you assistance in a matter of minutes. I'm also working on radio-communicators with the help of the people at Stark Industries. I haven't been able to get the size down yet due to the inherent bulkiness of micro-transmitters, but I'm working on it. Once we have those in operation we should be able to communicate more easily."
    Dark Angel nodded as he took the flare. "I will sacrifice all to save the lives of my comrades. You know this as my word."
    "Information." Union is how holding up all four fingers, "Too many times in the past week we've let ourselves get blindsided by events. We need to start developing a better network of information as to potential threats, other super-humans, types of powers we may be dealing with, and so on. I know that this is a long term goal, but it is something we need to keep in mind."
    Duststorm adds "It may sound strange, but maybe we need a staff? I don't know how exactly to go about it, but every business or organization has people who's job it is to keep track of those type of things. Even the army has desk clerks and secretaries."
    Union looks at Duststorm appraisingly, "Maybe, but that would require office space, some management, a lot of things. Not only are we not that organized yet, but where would we get the funding?"
    "I didn't say I had all the wrinkles out of it yet, but it is a plan to consider." Janet remarks with a shrug of her shoulders.
    "Definitely. I agree that it would be useful, but I hadn't even considered the Avengers becoming that, I don't know, Incorporated. I suppose that if things do work out we might find the funding some somewhere and set up an office with a staff." Union looks up from Duststorm to the others, "Maybe even a paycheck and an health plan, assuming we could get any insurance companies to cover us." It's obvious that Union has done some work on his voice modulator, because a higher amount of inflection and humor is coming through in his once flat monotone.
    "Finally, Coordination." Union puts his hand down, "We need to have a coordinated effort in the field, and at least a nominal chain of command. We have to keep one another apprised of our activities, and make sure that we're not duplicating effort or compromising one another in the field.
    "That being said, I think we should elect a team leader, someone with final decision making authority in the field. I nominate Aegis."
    A swift tilt of her head is the only outward sign of Aegis' surprise; for the moment, she says nothing.
    A sly smile spreads across Ravdna's face. She had never known a mortal man to resist the allure of leadership in favor of a woman. She was impressed with this acquiesce on Adrian's behalf. "The Valkyrie seconds this nomination."
    And as if on cue..."Do not disparage yourself. Your age and the wisdom you have hard earned tells us all who clearly should lead us in doing His work. I will follow no other." And with that Dark Angel folded his arms.
    After Union's nomination of Aegis, and Dark Angel's counter nomination of Union Janet speaks, "Meaning no offense Aegis, or to any of you. I am truly a newcomer here, and only know of most of you from what I read in the Times. But I did get a chance to know Uncle." She gestures to Union. "And I know he would make a fine leader. However, I am not as steadfast as Dark Angel and will abide by what the group decides."
    Although he's been silent to this point Emerald chooses this moment to speak up. "I think that both Aegis and Union would be good choices for a field commander. If we're putting things to a vote I'd have to go with Union."
    "What?!" Union shakes his head, " Flattering as this is, I'm just an engineer. I have no experience at any of this. I'm no tactician, I have no experience at public speaking. I spent the whole time in Alabama certain that I was going to get everybody killed."
    "That is part of what makes you qualified." Janet's words are hesitant at first, but become more confident as she continues. "A leader is more that a tactician or speaker. Anyone can talk, but YOU organized us on the way back to the bunker, YOU directed the assault to get inside, and YOU continued to direct it once we were facing the Red Skull. YOU selected people to do the jobs they were best suited to. And under YOU, we used the bunkers power grid to stun it long enough for Malachi and Dark Angel to destroy it. Even after we were in the open again, YOU reorganized us, kept us going in a common direction and arranged for us to get back to NY together. YOU are the reason Malachi and I are even here." She smiles as she tics off her fingers, duplicating the Silver Avenger's habit. "There may be others also qualified, but, face the truth Uncle, in spite of what you would like to believe, you are a leader."
    Malachi speaks up, "I have to agree with her. Now, I'm not always the best team player, but I can recognize the man who kept all of us on target. You can do this."
    Dark Angel moved toward Union. "Having charge of human lives is a weighty matter; you did not let your fear make you the cripple. You address us now as a leader might. How is this any different than speaking to those outside of our group? You refute yourself for no true reason. The measure of the man is that he does those things which he thinks he cannot. Reach out to Him and He will show you the way."
    Union looks around the table, meeting the gazes of his new teammates, before finally settling on Dark Angel, _He'll show me the way? Oh, I hope so. For all of our sakes._
    "Is everyone else comfortable with this?" Union glances around the room again, hoping for someone to voice some opposition. No one takes him up on it. "Ok. I'll do it. But not alone. If we're going to make a go of this we're going to need some more skilled people at the helm. Aegis, if it's OK with you, I'd be a lot more comfortable with you as, second in command or something, with tactical oversight. And J...Duststorm, I'll need you to handle public relations."

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