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Planning Specter's return.



    "Well then, perhaps with any luck we will not have to do that my friend. If you could communicate some things to the others, especially Union, Delta V and Tony Stark, I would greatly appreciate it. We'll see if we can resolve this matter through science."
    Union exits the side room after his conversation with Aegis, only to find their Asgardian companion talking with thin air. he floats up over the crowd of Avengers, and eve makes a quick scan of the room with his electromagnetic senses, but can find no evidence of Victor's presence.
    _Well, she is a Valkyrie...And we did go to Asgard...I suppose there's one way to test this._
    Union interjects into the conversation that Ravdna is having with thin air "Ravdna, what's Ohm's Law?"
    Victor, realizing what Union was trying to accomplish started to rattle off what Ohm's Law was. "Ravdna, tell him the amount of current flowing in a circuit made up of pure resistances is directly proportional to the electromotive forces impressed on the circuit and inversely proportional to the total resistance of the circuit."
    Ravdna passes the axiom onward from the avenger of the afterlife to the Armored Avenger.
    Under his helmet Adrian smiles. "Well, she's talking to someone. There's no way Ravda would know that, and there's no way Victor wouldn't. I'm willing to guess that it's him, because anyone else would have just given me the formula, where as Victor would never be that imprecise."
    Union floats over next to Ravda's side, "Well, what does he need us to do?"
    "He believes the science of yourself, Connors, and Stark may relieve his troubles"
    Union whistles. "Well, her has faith in our abilities, I'll give him that. I don't know what he expects us to do...especially with you having to translate everything. Is there any way you can get us to see him?"
    "Mayhaps I might link my thoughts to his and then to yours and we may then reach through the murky veil of death." Ravdna is uncertain of the risk of this action...less for her own sake then Union's. She prompts Union telepathically with her concerns before making the attempt.
    *I'm not worried about it. You put me in contact with Victor when he was in his phased state before, and if he thinks I can help then he must believe that this isn't very different.* he broadcasts to Ravdna before speaking aloud, "I don't see as we have a lot of choice. Give it your best shot."
    Janet sips on her wine, and munching on a nice slice of baby Swiss. She stares in mute amazement as she watches two-thirds of a conversation with the dead hero.
    "Tell him that I'm unsure as to whether I am really phased. All of my study and experiments show that I am in a similar state of phase, but that I have either lost control of my powers and have been separated from my corporeal form or that I am truly dead. I urge him and yourself caution Ravdna."
    Once the telepathic link is established, Victor is a flurry of words expressing what has happened to him, where he had been and who he had met since the fight at the United Nations. He briefly expounds upon the fact that he may conduct research into contacting otherworldly beings and those who have passed on stating that he feels that perhaps, like Asgard, they are just in-tuned with another dimensional frequency.
    "Oh and by the way. Congratulations on becoming the leader of our team, the Avengers. I would have voted for you as well had I been at the meeting." Victor adds. "I'm sure you'll do an excellent job."
    Then he explains to Union and anyone else listening in, "I need Doctor Conners ability to vibrate his body at a certain attunement frequency where he will be able to see me. His powers work on vibrational attunements I have surmised. Once I have detected that frequency, we would then calibrate my prototype dimensional transportation machinery that is uncompleted in my lab downstairs, to that registered frequency.
    "We'll probably also have to send one device into my own frequency dimension first so that I can utilize it here on this end and so that it can then affect me properly being in phase with me. Once here and there we will use the machines on me and with any luck, it'll be able to bring my current frequency into line with the material world's frequency. To that end, I'll need you Union, to complete the construction of my dimensional transport machinery for me and I'll need Doctor Conners for two reasons. One to provide me with a gauge for the proper frequencies and secondly I may need a doctor when I come to. If this plan doesn't work, we may need to retrieve my body from the mausoleum and attempt a recombination under similar circumstances as the first experiment and in that event I will surely need his expertise if I come to in that decaying body."
    "I must also warn anyone who is there during the process that I will be attuning with the vibrational patterns of the actual electromagnetic field around the planet, not the actual planet itself, during my attempt to turn solid. So there may be severe electromagnetic energies present during the experiment. I do have a transparent containment tube that I used for phasing experiments, to locate myself in during this process and it may be enough to hold back those energies. The field created by this process will likely short out any unshielded electronic equipment in the vicinity. I don't know how much shielding you have for your suit Union, but we may be able to put our heads together and come up with something that will provide you with a greater defense if yours is lacking currently. Or alternately you could just not utilize your suit during the experiment." Victor seemed rather excited to finally speak with his team-mates.
    Delta V finally speaks up. "I don't know enough about the hard science aspects of your proposed experiment, but I do have some observations about the biology. It's obvious your spirit can exist outside your body, but I'm not sure it's possible to give that spirit physical form. Also, it won't be possible to unite you with your former body. There has been too much cell destruction due to the death of your body to allow it to function in any way like a biological life form. I suppose it might be possible for your spirit to animate the dead tissue, but you would effectively be a walking corpse. If you have any input into these areas, please let me know."
    "Actually doctor, I am hypothesizing that spirit and self are not all that different and are perhaps two sides of the same coin just operating on differing frequencies of vibrational attunement. I believe that my organs and other internal processes are still intact, just in this out of phase state. Think of it as if I was split in two. Or if you sliced a penny down the rim and made it into two coins. If I can bring the current functioning parts into reality either by attuning to the material world or by manipulating the raw matter of my former body, I feel I may be able to create a solid functioning and living body. Its just a hypothesis at this point, but its all I have," Victor says.
    Adrian grimaces at Delta V's gruesome prognosis, "Right. Well, we want to avoid the walking corpse thing. If we're lucky, Victor's vibrational re-attunement will simply generate a new form—similar to the way he could 'lose' his physical form by phasing. If not, we'll take things as they come. It would still be a benefit for him to be able to see and talk to people, even if we can't immediately make him solid."
    Union turns to the other members of the team, "This is probably going to take a while. From what we saw of Victor's dimensional travel device before it's incredibly complicated, and it's going to take me a while to fix even with Victor directing me. I think the four of us have to stay here—Ravda' we're obviously going to need you for this at least until Delta V is able to see Victor—but the rest of you can either stay or go as you please. Victor, why don't you show where the prototype is. I just hope Odin didn't destroy this one when he got the working model at Stark's."
    Specter responds, "If the effort fails, we may be able to rig up a inter-dimensional communications device. Extrapolating from there, we could function a synthetic body that I could control from here as well...." He trails off half thinking to himself.

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