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As Union and the others head down to Victor's lab, the aged inventor carries on his conversation with the world smartest ghost. "My armor is constructed to both detect and manipulate the Earth's EM fields, Victor. If you need to attune to them in your return, I think I might be able to give you a hand there. Don't worry about the system shorting out: the armor acts as an advanced Faraday cage, and can easily shrug of a lightning bolt." "Good then. Perhaps we can utilize your suit as part of the process. I predict the energy output will be quite massive, but I'm sure you designed your suit as well as you were able....given current technology. Did you have access to advanced 'military level' technology," Victor asked trying to gauge Union's suit's capabilities. Victor then proceeded, with the help of Ravdna to show Connors and Union around the lab specifically pointing out things not to touch for their own safety. After a few moments, Victor feels comfortable with what he has shown them. "Some of my 'work' here in the lab is very much a secret and I would prefer that it be kept that way. If parts of the technology down here were to be released to the general public, it might incur an arms race of one sort or another. I'd rather not be responsible for that." The technology was quite advanced, though most of it seemed to currently be turned off. "Thanks for the vote of confidence on the team leader thing. I'm sure I'll muddle through until it's time for someone else to take over." He switches to a conspiratorial whisper, "With the speed at which your butler produced the legal paperwork, I had honestly considered the possibility that you had faked your own death until you could get another shot at Cosmonaut. It turns out you just won't let something as small as death keep you..." _from meddling _" out of things. Judging from the reactions of people at the funeral, I can only imagine the hubbub in Moscow when you come back to life." "The Cosmonaut will be especially surprised, but none more than the KGBeast. He is an old enemy of mine and I'll have to pay him a visit if I am freed from this existence. As for Alfred, yes, well I like to plan for as many contingencies as I can think of and maybe I'm a bit paranoid, but I had a bad feeling about the UN affair. Once Ravdna said as much as well, I was sure of it and glad I had made the arrangements prior to the conference." Victor looked around. "So who is moving into the castle and where are you putting the 'Avengers' meeting table?" Adrian winces under his helmet, not wanting to get into that argument with the ephemeral specter right now...or ever. "The way I see it, your powers must have initiated a desperation dimensional shift just at the point of death. It probably would have worked perfectly had Odin not suppressed those abilities, but instead we got this partial shift. Personally, at this point with aliens landing and mysterious robots, it'll be good to have you along in any capacity—even if it's just advisory here in the mansion until we get you some sort of body." "Yes, I'm quite intrigued at the prospect of meeting aliens from this dimension. Its funny since you would have thought the chances were greater of meeting aliens from your own dimension where as we not only have met extra-dimensional aliens, we have one here with us and I met some more in Limbo, Immortus and Kang. That in itself almost proves that I am not dead, as I believe Kang and is brothers were not dead and they were in the realm of Limbo. So it wasn't an afterlife, but probably more of a really close dimension to our own frequency wise." Victor got down to working with Union on the equipment. "I don't think he destroyed this equipment because it was not yet functioning and we won't be re-creating the same exact concept when we're done here either. So hopefully he won't take notice if he has that capability. They did, or rather do, call him the All Seeing One I believe." The get-together begins to wind down, as the brainiac types begin discussing the ins and outs of dimensional physics. Janet's mind begins to fog over. Scientists all get that same glassy eyed look when something completely absorbs their thinking. It's the same look her dad has gotten for as long as she can remember. _dad... oh, how am I going to pull that off?_ After a few more minutes, Duststorm excuses herself for the evening, and begins the trek home. She parked the car a good distance from the castle and flew the rest of the way. She picks up her T-bird on the quiet road, and drives back towards town. _I'm sure dad is still at the lab_ as she pulls into the parking lot. Sure enough, she is soon sharing a cup of coffee with her father amidst the clutter and clatter of his workroom. "Did you hear anything else from our coming visitors?" Father shakes his head. "No, nothing new," he admits, somewhat dejectedly. "I had been hoping for further communication." Janet summons a bit of courage, and speaks her plan. "Dad, I may have seen too many movies, but I wonder if we should let the Government or better, Those Avengers know what happening, so they can be prepared if things go wrong. I mean, the Avengers seem to be really trying to help, with that Viking invasion, and the tidal wave. Maybe I could try and have one of them contact you. Some of them seem pretty scientific, maybe you have something in common." She smiles coyly. "John Capital said one of the women blew through his office window looking for a place to rent. I could call him tomorrow, maybe he knows a way to contact them." _oh, I almost forgot, Duststorm needs to get back to John._ Chewing on his bottom lip thoughtfully, Father frowns, his brow furrowing. "Gosh, dear. Do you really think that would be necessary? I would hate to have the government involved, although I'll probably get in hot water for keeping a lid on things. Still, it'd be quite fascinating to meet a bona fide superhero, don't you think?" He livens up a bit, nodding. "But I wouldn't want any of them to know just what the meeting is about. Not until I'm sure they could be trusted. It is in our nature to hate and fear what we do not understand." Janet smiles coyly. "I'm sure they are just like normal people, you never know, maybe when you are sitting at a restaurant, there might be one in the booth next to you. If one them does contact me, I will try and arrange a meeting under another pretence. And you can just be there. Then if you feel comfortable, you can tell them about your discovery."

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