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First blows!



    Then, simultaneous with Thor's attack, the heavily-armed Asgardian crowd roars with approval. Captain America is almost caught flat-footed by the suddenness of Thor's roundhouse. Even still, the mighty punch slams heavily into Cap's chest, rocking the young hero backwards several steps. Captain America wastes no time, wading in with a counterpunch of his own that Thor sidesteps with ease.
    Ravdna uses her link to the group to communicate to Spectre and Emerald *I could provide a distraction for Loki and Amora if it would make yon efforts easier...*
    *That would make this easier,* Emerald admits. *I hope this works.*
    Dumas thinks. *At the right time, I suppose that would be a good idea, as out plan stated that we were only going to rescue the women if Captain America's fight was lost. For now I feel it best not to look as though we are trying to cheat even though they probably will.*
    Adrian feels the strange mental touch of the continued psychic communication, and chimes into the current 'thread', *I have to agree with Dumas on this ones. We should have contingency plans in place, but lets see how well our boy holds up against the local favorite first.*
    Captain America is almost caught flat-footed by the suddenness of Thor's roundhouse Even still, the mighty punch slams heavily into Cap's chest, rocking the young hero backwards several steps; Captain America wastes no time, wading in with a counterpunch of his own that Thor sidesteps with ease.
    *How'd I miss something that BIG? This guy is way outta my league.* Captain America thinks, and then recalls Skurge's boast during the brawl in Manhattan about how he had centuries of experience in combat.
    Emerald's quick check of the opposition proves wise, for while Loki and Amora seem absorbed by the ongoing brawl, the brutish Skurge is less distracted. The giant man's piercing eyes lock onto Emerald and his brow furrows as if he's trying to recall where he's seen Emerald before.
    Union keeps his eyes on the fight and his magnetic senses locked onto Skurge's axe, anticipating, and almost wishing for, the Executioner's treachery to show up the corruption of their leadership to the Asgardian warriors. *C'mon, Son.* He thinks to himself, *You're wearing the Captain America mantle now, and Captain America never loses! You can do it!*
    Across Ravdna's link, Union's thought echoes in Cap's head. The young man senses with it an old yet intense image of THE Captain America, back in the War, shaking Union's hand. *Union knew him? and he's backin' ME? Maybe I CAN do this....*
    Not entirely unschooled in fighting, the young Captain shifts his footing to brace himself for Thor's next strike.
    In the crowd, Skurge's eyes widen with recognition as he stares at Emerald, but the big man does nothing but grin. Then, even his eagle-eyes are drawn back to the brawl.
    Hovering overhead, Aegis watches the fight only from the corner of her eye, keeping alert for signs of treachery from the other... gods, and occasionally glancing around the crowd to make sure nothing is sneaking up on them. Still, she winces at the impact of those first two blows -- though the young Captain doesn't seem hurt—and hopes he can pull this off. Thor doesn't seem to have any truck with subtlety, but his sheer size and strength provide considerable advantage in a fight.
    *What kind of distraction?* she inquires of Ravdna, dimly aware of the rest of the group's presence in the telepathic circle. *Don't want to distract us, too, after all. Just in case.* She remains watchful and prepared as the fight continues.
    *An approach from the head of their party to provide our compatriots brief moments unobserved from the rear. Your gift of flight may be useful for this plan." Ravdna says as she moves through the crowd closer to Loki's escape route.
    She had never encountered this legendary figure of which Union reminisces but if he was half the hero of the soldiers she escorted to Valhalla from the Battle of Normandy were then this brave young man as a weighty mantle indeed. One she hopes he survives to uphold and build upon...
    A mighty overhand hammerfist blow from the thunder god slams down across Cap's shoulder and back. The Red, White, and Blue youth is smashed down to one hand and knee by the impact, and granite flagstones crack beneath him like china plates. Around the "arena", mighty Asgardian warriors "OOH!" at the shockwave as they feel it beneath their feet. *These punches aren't really hurting-unf!-much. Let's see how he feels about one of MINE!*
    To the surprise of the spectators, Captain America, barely a heartbeat after he hits the floor, uses his posture as a crouch from which to launch a mighty uppercut at Thor!
    And with resounding success! Cap's right lances up and connects with Thor's broad jaw, snapping the fiery-haired Asgardian's head sharply backwards. The Thunderer actually staggers a bit, eliciting a variety of cries of disbelief from the audience. Emerald and Ravdna both see Loki subtly shake his head, but to whom, if anyone, this gesture was intended is not apparent. Thor takes three steps back, shaking his head, before his eyes lock onto Cap again.
    "Well struck, mortal!" he congratulates. "Thy strength be impressive. Ne'ertheless, ye shall learn painful lessons at mine hands!"
    Skurge's boast again comes to Cap's mind as Thor counter-attacks. As large as he is, it is obvious Thor is a combatant of remarkable experience and skill. When he moves, he makes even Cassius Clay seem clumsy! Cap does his best to block and duck, but even Thor's glancing blows ring with power. A jab, blocked by a forearm, briefly numbs Cap's arm all the way to the shoulder. A quick cross with the other fist catches Cap squarely on the jaw, spinning the youth one-hundred eighty degrees, his legs twisted, his body off balance. Then, with a loud guffaw, Thor lands a wicked punch to the base of Cap's skull. The red, white, and blue clad young man flies forward through the air, hits the floor, and slides to a rough halt, crashing through more than a dozen armored Asgardians, most of whom are laughing even as they are knocked roughly to the floor!
    "Takest some time to crawleth back to me, mortal!" Thor laughs. "I shall be ready to administer thy second lesson whenst thou art ready to receive it!"

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