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The battle rages on.



    "Oops." Union states as he slides out of the crowd of Asgardians and into enough a clear space to get himself airborne in this other-dimension's strange magnetic field. "That last idea might have pushed things a little too far..." Union apprises the situation as best he can: the flickering that accompanied Dumas' initial jaunt here had surrounded all of the prisoners; the shadowy globe that was forming around Skurge's lethal axe; The green glow forcing Emerald's attackers away; the Lightning Rod actions of the young Captain America.
    *Well I'll be—it looks like we're sticking to the plan, somewhat.* Union concentrates across Ravdna's telepathic link to Aegis, *OK, Aegis, we have chaos. How do you want us to use it to take the main enemies down? It looks like Dumas is getting the prisoners out of here, but I think we need to keep the sorcerers off his back for him to pull that off.*
    *Well since you ask...* is her response to Union's query. *Dumas is out—our mission from this point forward, I think, is to live through this.* She tries to send a grin along with the remark, though she's not sure of its success. *Can you get that axe away from Skurge before he cuts Mr. Flirtation in half? Captain, you'd be doing us a great favor to keep Thor occupied as much as possible while we try to take out the wizards. Amora seems more vulnerable to physical attacks than the others.* At least, she'd asked one of the men to protect her last time, and she seems to be trying to hide now.
    Feeling her link to Dumas diminishing she says "The Arrogant one seems to have made good his claims and rescued yon mortal women. I will attempt to surprise Amora and Loki."
    Aegis notes this, *Ravdna seems to be thinking along much the same lines* ; as she makes her move, Aegis fires a force bolt at Loki.
    And with that Ravdna makes her way over to the two sorcerers and attempts to foot-sweep them both from behind with her spear. If she is successful she will thought cast to Union or Emerald to use their powers to hold them to the ground...hopefully making it difficult for them to spell cast or aim effectively if they can still do so...
    Ravdna is not as successful as she had hoped, but her attack still has its effect. Sweeping her spear low to the floor, she catches Amora and Loki between ankle and knee. Amora yelps in a most unladylike manner has the pitches backward and hits the floor hard. Loki, however, only staggers forward a few steps before regaining his balance and turning with a vicious growl to face the Valkyrie.
    "Ye shall pay for thy meddling, Ravdna!" Loki vows, swinging one hand, palm up, in a long line from waist to head. There is a loud WHOOSH! as a fierce blast of icy wind rockets Ravdna ceiling-ward, spinning the Valkyrie violently like a top...
    ...before Aegis's force bolt slams into Loki from above, staggering the Trickster several steps sideways. Ravdna suddenly finds herself free from the wind, but is still hurtling in a long, high arc towards one of the many thick stone columns in the hall.
    Seeing the Valkerie in danger Emerald reacts. A glowing green hand opens in front of Ravdna even as Emerald brings up his own force field. The telekinetic hand catches Ravdna easily, saving her from what would have likely been a rather painful fall. Rick looks for some way to put a dent in the chaos around him.
    Telepathically Ravdna thanks Emerald for the "hand". Pausing for a moment as she turns toward the battle again she quickly ascertains that her mortal companions seem to have their attentions focused on everyone except Loki. She uses one of the fingers as a launching board aiming herself at Loki. As she closes upon him she will swing her spear at him in an overhead smash. "Have at thee, God of Mischief."
    As Ravnda is hurtling at Loki...
    *Ha. Tag, you're it.* Hoping not to give Loki a chance to recover, Aegis fires again, then changes position, flying near the wall in an evasive pattern in case anyone is targeting her for an unpleasant surprise. The room seems to have dissolved into a massive free-for-all, but for the moment she's clear of it and means to press every second's advantage for all it's worth. *I really hope this works. Will we be able to tell when Thor is clear of the spell? Assuming it makes any difference, now that he's got reason to be mad....*
    On the floor below, Loki recovers his footing just as Aegis is firing another blast at him. Unfortunately for the heroes, Loki isn't easy to catch off guard twice. The force bolt glances harmlessly off of a translucent yellow force field that suddenly appears around the Trickster. In the next moment, Ravdna completes her leap, bringing her spear swinging down double-handed to crash mightily into Loki's force field, but it is to no avail. Ravnda and her weapon both bounce off with no visible effect.
    "Let us see if thy defenses prove able to resist my assault!" Loki cries, turning on Ravdna.
    Back on Earth, Victor looks to the redhead. "You are safe now. Guards from Stark Industries will soon be here. Tell them that the Specter sends his regards from Asgard. Tell them to relay that message to Mister Stark as well."
    "Uh, the Specter says 'hi' from Asgard," the woman replies numbly. "Gotcha."
    With that, Victor whirls his cape around his body and he is gone once more. This time he heads back to the familiar dimensional vibrational attunement of Asgard.
    ...and reappears in virtually the same location from which he departed. Victor notices immediately that very little new seems to have occurred in minute or so that he was back on Earth.
    Ignoring the erupting chaos around him, Dark Angel thinks, *Well, that worked to save my sorry behind, but not quite well enough to take that wily rascal out of the game. Let's see what a nice little lasso can do towards a hog-tyin'.* Toward that end, Dark whips around in mid-flight, closing the distance just enough to swing his newly-manifested rope around his head and out toward the fuming Skurge. Perhaps, if he can get the rope around his opponent's upper arms he will be able to pin them, and thus effectively disable him from using his deadly weapon.
    Union slithers like an oiled snake, avoiding the mass of brawling Asgardians and levering himself above the crowd by clambering atop the shoulders of two angry Vikings before vaulting skyward off one of their heads, unceremoniously pushing the helm of one of Loki's warriors down over his eyes and setting him up for a blow from one of his over-muscled opposition.
    ''Pardon me, 'Scuse me, Oops, sorry about that," Union's energy fields crackle to life in mid leap, catching him in an invisible electromagnetic net and holding him airborne twenty feet or so over the crowd. *That's it, try and sound more confident than you feel—that mass of brawlers took me completely off guard and cost me a lot of time. Lets see what's been going on...*
    Union witnesses the green hand moving to scoop the flying Valkyrie out of harms way, and Dark Angel moving to tie up the fuming executioner. *That ought to work. Hey Dark Angel, I'm backing your play here...* Union accelerates in a flight path as close opposite Dark Angel's that would still put him with 20 feet or so of Executioner. The cable on Union's hip uncoils of its own volition, sliding down to ground level behind the Executioner and wrapping tightly around one of his legs, electrical charge running full bore.
    *In a perfect world, Dark Angel will pull his top one way I'll pull his legs another and we'll get this guy airborne and helpless. If nothing else, it will keep him out of action for a few minutes. And maybe the electrical charge will take some wind out of his sails.*
    Dark Angel's and Union's ploys occur like clockwork. The coil of darkforce drops nicely around Skurge's broad torso, drawing tight to pin his elbows to his sides. Nearly at the same time, just as Skurge is about to flex, the metal cord lashes from Union to snap around the Executioner's left ankle. In the next instant, a surge of electricity flows from Union's gauntlet through the cord into Skurge's body. The broad-shouldered Asgardian stiffens, teeth grinding, muscles working furiously to snap the darkforce rope, but to no avail. Smoke begins to rise off of Skurge as the hairs on his thick arms begin to burn.

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